become great communicatorA master communicator is advanced… a masturbator is frustrated. Most men are masturbators and not master communicators. So how do YOU become a master communicator?

Start talking to everyone. Go out and talk with everybody you meet. Literally. You go out. You comment…

You observe…

You make connections…

You listen…

You talk to them…

You ask questions…

You share things about yourself…

Great communicators are not born, they evolve. It takes 20 days to learn how to do something new. Not how to be an expert but enough to be conversation and apply your knowledge.

I want you to go out for the next thirty days and nights. You’re going to lay the foundation so you can to can be a great communicator. Go out and talk to people. Anyone. Don’t be shy, don’t overthink it. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. Give yourself permission to make a fool of yourself.

Think back to when you were young and just learning to read. For most it was a trying experience of failing over and over until one day, the organization of the letters made a word you could understand.

You gave yourself permission to learn because it was expected of you. One of the difficulties of adult hood is no one is breathing down your neck to complete a task. You have to push yourself.

You may not get the phone number at the beginning because you might be nervous, but you’ll survive. If you’re curious about something own up to it. Ask about the food or the architecture, or the cute girl at the bar.

Eventually you’ll learn to say it with smile. You’ll learn to listen to their response, because the key to becoming a good communicator is to listen.

How can you have a conversation if you’re not listening? If you’re thinking about the next thing to say you’ll miss the conversation that’s happening. The next thing to say is always dictated by what they’re saying to you, not by what you think about in a pre-planned conversation.

Most guys can masturbate with no problem. You don’t have to teach yourself, your hand just knows what to do. The thing is, most guys masturbate consistently, only because they’re not a master communicators. Master communicators get laid.

You need to go out and dedicate time and energy to become a communicator.  It’s not going to work if you don’t dedicate yourself to this every single day. As a society we have this shortcut mentality. We’re waiting for something to land in our lap, but in order to get good at something, it takes time and effort.

Take a look at greatness. Greatness works in all things. Take a look at Tom Brady.  The last two Super bowls he won before this was 10 years ago.  How do you think it felt when he won a decade later?

But Brady knew he had to keep working at it. That’s what life is about.  In order to be successful in anything, you’ve got to consistently work at it.  You got to put yourself through it, and the problem that I see with so many people —

Is that they do it for a very short time and then they come to me and go, I’m so frustrated man, I’m so frustrated.  I don’t understand why I can’t do it. Because you don’t do it everyday. It’s easy to see when someone been attacking a problem everyday because there’s a little improvement everyday.

Communication is the key to everything.  Having the freedom, giving yourself permission to say anything at any time, is the ultimate freedom. The ultimate freedom to tell somebody to go blank themselves, if you want. The ultimate freedom to tell somebody that you don’t appreciate them.

The ultimate freedom to tell a woman that she’s beautiful. You only do this through practice. You don’t do this by being in your head. You’ve got to commit to doing this everyday, just like you did everything else. Tom Brady would not have become the best quarterback, one of probably the top three quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, if he didn’t commit everyday.

They asked Tom Brady after he beat the Seahawks how long he wants to play. He said 45. You don’t do that unless your brain, your mind, your body is conditioned, unless you’re working on it everyday.

It’s a commitment and commitment breeds success. You’re not going to gain success with women or become a great communicator if you don’t commit to this everyday. It’s all there for you, it’s just a matter if you want to do it.