blueprint david wygantThere is a new concept I want to tell you about.

It’s called “blueprinting”, and I think it’s something that’s really important for all of you to do.

I’ve always been the kind of man that loves the pursuit.

I have always wanted a conquest, always wanted to find out what she liked, what she wanted, and then I would give it to her.

I love the romance, I love the conquest, I love making her feel amazing.

But by doing that, I would always ignore what I wanted. I wouldn’t really talk about my needs, wants, and desires right from the get-go. I would be too busy being the closer, being the guy that had to go and get her…and I would get her.  I’d make a woman feel so amazing, so perfect, and so great that she’d fall in love.

But it would leave me feeling empty because once I was done closing her, once I was done making her feel nice, I would realize that my needs, wants, and desires were left hanging.

So, I’ve come up with something called blueprinting.

When I’m out on a date, I tell a woman exactly who I am and what I like.

I’ll look her right in the eyes and say, “Let me tell you something. I know myself so well at this point in my life. I know what I like. I know what I’m all about. I’m well aware of what my love language is.”

“What’s your love language?”

“Physical touch and words of affirmation. I’m all about physical touch. I love a woman that’s nurturing. I love a woman that touches and caresses and makes me feel like a man. I love a woman that sends dirty little naughty texts to me, writes me little notes and tells me that I’m wonderful.”

Words of affirmation. Physical touch. Without them, I die.

And I’m real simple and I’m really easy because if I get this from a relationship, I’m happy, healthy and left feeling amazing.

Now that I’m blueprinting, dating is much smoother. Blueprinting his healthy: telling them who you are and what you want is one of the healthiest things that you can do in a relationship, dating or otherwise.

What does your blueprint look like?