bold honest authentic manBold.




Those four words describe the type of man that every man should be.

Let me explain why. And I want you to listen, and listen carefully, to what I have to say.

I’m also going to share some things about myself that will allow you to learn some of the biggest lessons that you need to learn.

Honest, Authentic, Vulnerable

Those are three things that I feel so many men are lacking. A lot of you want to become this bold badass with women.

You want to be able to meet the women that you really want and desire.

You created an image, a story about what this woman looks like.

When you see the woman that you’re the most attracted to, your type, you go in with full-on story mode. You want to conquer her.

You go in with your primal energy, probably sexually want to do her. You want to do naughty things to her, you want to play with her body, whatever it might be.

That’s not what being a man is all about.

You see, I used to be like that. I used to see a woman that I wanted and I’d have a whole story, on not a very conscious level either. It would be a very subconscious story that would be playing out in my mind.

I’d see her and I’d walk over and talk to her and I’d flirt. I wouldn’t really truly remember everything she said because I had this primal desire to be with her, to conquer her, to make her mine.

So I would take her out and I would seduce her. And I was damned good at it.

Primal Energy

I could seduce any woman that I wanted. And I would seduce them based on the story that I was creating in my mind.

A lot of primal, sexual energy that would go through my body all the time. When the primal, sexual energy was going through my body, I would not hear some of the things that she was saying because I was playing out whatever story I had about this beautiful woman that was standing before me.

What would happen? I’d have sex with her too early.

I would stay in story mode.

I wouldn’t really see or pay full attention to what was being presented to me. There were warning signs all over the place, but I didn’t care because I was in such a primal state of mind that I was blind to the warning signs.

You know what happened? I had one relationship after another that didn’t work out because I wasn’t paying full attention to who was presenting themselves to me.

I knew I had to change. I did. It took some time. I suppressed my sexual energy. I suppressed it so much that I was able to go without sex for longer periods of time.

Becoming an Authentic Man

First off, I stopped dating entirely and spent a lot of time by myself. Figuring out what I am and what I want to experience. Then, when I figured that all out, when I realized there was no reason not to be authentic, I started dating again. I started dating and seeing women for exactly who they are, how they presented themselves to me.

I was no longer in my conscious or subconscious story about what I thought they were or what I wanted, or how I needed to conquer them.

I saw exactly who was standing in front of me and the funny thing about it was that I was less attracted to women than ever before.

I’d gone on dates and not even wanted to kiss them at the end. I would enjoy who was being presented in front of me but I knew – because I listened carefully, because I got out of primal David and into more heartfelt David – that this person was not for me. There was no reason to conquer them or create some type of story about how bad I wanted what I thought they were.

Once in a while, I’d feel the urge to kiss them, to connect that way, because I was really feeling them on much deeper levels, but most of the time, beautiful woman standing in front of me, absolutely gorgeous, sexy women weren’t doing it for me at all.

As a matter of fact, it felt great because for the first time ever, I had my power.

The Power of Being an Authentic Man

I was a man. I knew when a woman that I really wanted would come my way, and when I found her, I would definitely take her as a man should. I’d only do so when I saw who she was and how she presented herself. By allowing a woman to present herself over the course of a date, or two or three, you start to see who they really are and you’re no longer acting like that primal guy that needs to conquer her. Or, the guy that’s creating some type of story about the person you’re with.

This is by far the most powerful way I’ve ever dated in my entire life because now I’m actually seeing somebody for the very first time and I know I’m not going to get involved in a relationship based on my past patterns and behaviors.

As a matter of fact, my next relationship will be a brand new relationship because I’m no longer being triggered by what I used to be triggered by. I’m no longer pursuing based on my primal desire. I’m allowing the woman in front of me to fully show up because I’m paying attention to all she is saying. I don’t need to conquer her at all. I don’t need to make her mine. We need to chose one another.

We need to learn one another.

We need to see each other exactly as who we are.

It’s so beautiful and so powerful because it allows me to know that I’m actually fully protected for the very, very first time. I’m not going to repeat the same relationships that I’ve had.

I know the next relationship that shows up will definitely show up in the form of somebody that I’m actually seeing.

It’s not that I didn’t see the other people. I only saw what I really wanted to see. And then the relationship went bad, or turned, and I actually started seeing who they really are. And who they are – there was nothing wrong with them, they were wonderful women – but they were not the women for me.

Finding Your Equal

So now when I sit across from a woman, I allow her to show up because I’m no longer in story mode and thinking about how I need to conquer her. I’m actually seeing somebody for the very first time and it’s refreshing.

And it’s okay, because I dismiss so many of them. And that’s perfectly fine too. Because each one I dismiss, I allow them to go find somebody they’re better suited for instead of the old version of me, that would have made a conquest of them in some way so they would fit into the story that I was trying to lead in my life.

I want you to read this over a few times, and I want you to really understand how this will change your life forever.

In order to become bold, and powerful, and vulnerable, you need to realize how you’re showing up. And if you’re showing up, and you’re creating stories about the people, and you’re dating somebody and you think that you have to make them yours – a real man doesn’t make a woman theirs.

A real man chooses a woman when a woman fully shows up raw and open. And when that woman shows up raw and open, and that man knows that he’s met his equal, then the man becomes bold and daring. He takes the woman by the hand and shows her exactly that she’s in the presence of a man who actually wants to embrace the beautiful, vulnerable, real person that’s showing up.

Seduction is not about seducing somebody who is a story for you. Seduction is all about seducing your feminine equal.

And when she shows up, enjoy it. Because it’s a rarity. But you can have it, if you look for it and work for it.

This actually comes when you do all the work that I’ve done and the work that I suggest you do.