You know that feeling…

…you’re in the middle of a why-am-I-hooking-up-with-this-woman type of night.

You went on a date and she was cool, but you weren’t super attracted to her.

Yet a few drinks later and here you are, pumping away, about to cum.

And in this particular situation, that’s the worst feeling to have.

She’s lying there underneath you with that funny sex-face she has on. She’s even looking up into your eyes and you can see that she likes you.

And in that moment, you feel like a complete prick.

Because you know, once you cum, you’re done.  You know you’re not going to want her there anymore. You know she’s going to end up spending the night, you know you’re going to get annoyed.

She’s going to feel your energy, she’s going to feel uncomfortable, but yet you did it, you couldn’t resist.  You had to go and fuck her.  You had to go and do it, why?  Well you’re a man and that’s what we do.

So what do you do now?  Well there are two things you can do.  You can do pillow tuck where you basically bury your head in your pillow and you start thinking really hard about what to do and how many hours until the morning and how to make it through the night.

Or you just do the rollover and do the fake snooze.

You tell her how great it was and then you pretend to pass out.

So you’re safe there, but what about in the morning when you have to deal with the second awkward moment—you know, when she’s at your doorway ready to leave and you’re saying goodbye.

She knows and you know and the dog knows and the cat knows that she’s never coming back again, yet you’ve got to make it appear like everything is still good.

These are the “oh-no” moments of dating.

These moments are not ideal.

An “oh-no” dating moment is like having a D on your report card. It’s not really something you work towards.

And my goal as a dating and relationship coach is to decrease the amount of times you experience these moments or keep you from experiencing them altogether.

But they happen.

. . .

So have you had an “oh-no” dating moment?

Tell me everything in the comments below.