Today we’re going to cover something so many guys have a problem with – How to ask a girl for her phone number or a date, without looking desperate or creepy. It’s dating 101 guys, yet every day I see guys doing what I call the “approach crash and burn.”

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

You spot a girl you like the look of. She’s actually open and looking around, rather than burying her head in her iPhone. To top it off, when she catches your eye she actually throws you a smile. You’re feeling nervous inside, but you’re over your approach anxiety so you walk on over. You’ve beaten the butterflies and you start having a really good conversation. Then it happens…

You start to panic. You’ve been talking for about 5 minutes. Now what do you do? Should you ask for her number? Should you try asking for an instant date? How do you close this out? Is she starting to get bored?

While all this monkey chatter’s going off in your head, guess what you’ve stopped doing?


Right there, all your good work is undone. Within seconds, she’s feeling that disconnect, and she feels like you’re not listening any more. Now she starts to feel uncomfortable. It’s about now the two of you stand there awkwardly, looking around, “Ummm-ing” and “Ahhh-ing” trying to think of things to say and ways to round things off.

Most the time it ends in a weird, “I gotta go” and you both dash off feeling unfulfilled, rejected, and frustrated that another approach with a woman has gone to shit. Guys, you have to close her! Don’t let the conversation die. You need to leave her on a high. Make her want more of you. Don’t worry about rules, or techniques. It’s real simple to ask for a girls phone number without looking desperate, and without looking like a freak.

How Do You Ask For A Girls Phone Number?

Here’s what you do…

So you’re having your conversation. Things are going well. You’re having fun, you feel good, and you’re feeling connected. The moment you feel the flows going out of the conversation, just look at your watch and say, “Damn, I have to go. I have to meet my buddy/get to work/catch a plane etc. etc… I’d love to finish this chat another time. Let me take your number.”

That’s it. Any variation on that is fine too. Just be confident. Own your words. Don’t wimp out as if you don’t know what’s going on. Just a strong, “I need to go. I’d love to talk again. Let me take your number and we’ll fix something up.”

It really is that simple guys. You don’t need to put a time limit on conversations. If you’re getting on well and the conversation is easy, keep going or see if she wants to do something on the spot. If you feel it’s coming to a natural conclusion, don’t freak out. State your intentions, tell her what you want, and get out of there. She’ll feel like she’s met a confident guy who isn’t scared to ask for what he wants, and women find that SEXY!

Stop overthinking things. Ask and you shall receive! Worst case scenario if she’s not interested she’ll give you a wrong number. Who cares? There’s no point getting confident in your approaches if you’re not going to seal the deal. Check out the video below and you’ll hear me talking to a client about this exact thing, and demonstrating how to close things out without doing the “crash and burn.”