So, today’s “Dear David” is from a guy who wants to know about how to approach a woman at his local gym. Despite what some people say, the gym is actually a great place to meet someone. Think about it. Right off the bat, you have a common interest. You both work out.

Maybe she’s more into it than you, or vice-versa, but you have at least something to go on. What about the sweat and smell guys often worry about?

Well, you’re not going for your first date at the gym are you?

You’re not going to try to kiss her while you’re soaked in sweat and stinking worse than a rotting cow carcass. It’s just about making an initial connection, and arranging to meet up outside the gym. So, without further or do, here’s the question…

Dear David, there’s this girl I’m super attracted to at my local gym. I work out 3 times a week and she’s always there, running on a treadmill, in tight bottoms looking amazing. Anyway, I don’t know how to approach her.

I think she’s seen me looking at her a few times, and I don’t want her to think I’m some creep who just stares at her ass all the time. So my question is, how should I approach a woman at the gym?

I don’t want to interrupt her training, and I don’t want to look like some sweaty disgusting weirdo. Any ideas?”

David says…


You approach a woman at the gym the same way as I teach you to approach women anywhere. You watch, observe, and connect. In fact, if she likes using a treadmill you have a great opportunity.

Here’s what I’d do. Get on the treadmill next to her and say, “Hey, I’ll race you.”

Normally you’ll get a smile, or a response like, “Oh I couldn’t keep up with you.”

Whatever it is, you’ve made a connection. Then it’s a case of just listening and reacting to what she’s saying. Ask her how long she runs for, how many times a week she trains, or whether she has a gym buddy. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, as long as you listen and react.

It’s just about making a connection. Once you break the ice, ask her for her number and say you want to hang out one night after the gym. Keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong or weird about talking to girls at the gym, as long as you make it fun.

And saying things like, “Wow your ass looks amazing in those bottoms” is definitely NOT a good idea!

Have any of you guys had any experiences (good or bad) of meeting women at the gym?