How many of you get one date and you’re done?

And you can’t understand what went wrong.

For a lot of you, just finding a date is a challenge. So you when you finally do get a date, you go in with “don’t expect to win” mentality.

I think I’m being nice here because I could call it something else… loser mentality.

Sometimes dates are tough in the Internet world. People are swiping and typing and not talking to each other. When you finally get a date you start building it up in your mind.

So let’s go through three rules about how to make a first date, and how not to blow it.

  1. Realize it’s just a date

The person you are about to meet has no idea how amazing you are.

They have no idea you’re a great brother. They have no idea you’re a great father. They have no idea you’re a hard worker. They have no idea that you’re an amazing best friend.

They have no clue about your last relationship, or that you are an amazing lover.

Do you see the way I’m speaking?

You are amazing.

It’s all mindset going in.

You see if you feel like you’re going to blow the date, then you are going to blow the date.

But if you go in realizing it’s just a date, an opportunity to meet someone else who’s equally as nervous and equally as shy, equally as scared, then it gives you the opportunity to allow her to see the next point.

  1. Show her how fucking amazing you are

Talk to her like you would talk to anybody else. Don’t worry about building sexual tension.

Don’t worry about when the kiss needs to happen.

Don’t worry about whether or not she’s going to want to see you again.

Just sit opposite her and let her know that you are fucking amazing. You are a fucking amazing man. You’re a man who’s worth going out with.How to Act on a date

Share amazing things with her.

  1. Don’t trash your ex

Do not talk about how bad your ex was, no matter how much of a bitch she was. Never let your date know that.

Talk positively about everything you’ve done, even if it’s failing in a business. It’s the way you spin it that is going to shape the way she’s going to see you.

You could tell her something like…

Man, I just lost my business a couple of years ago, it was my ex-partner’s fault.

No, that’s not how we speak.

Choose your words carefully.

Two years ago I had one of the greatest lessons of my life.

I chose the wrong business partner but obviously there was a lesson that I needed to learn.

I ended up losing this business and starting all over again, but I’m so happy that I did. Because for one, the lesson that was taught to me was something I obviously needed.

Your date will likely ask about what went wrong in your past relationship, because women are always a little curious.

You should look at her and say…

My last relationship was an unbelievable learning experience for me. It was great. We weren’t meant to go any further than we did. We tried, but the lessons I learned from her have allowed me to grow and be the man that I am right now. 

It’s almost like a politician. You’re not really saying much of anything except it all sounds pretty fucking positive. And what happens on a date is that women start picking up on energy. If they pick up on negativity, then they leave with a certain negative feeling.

If they felt like they were with a positive person, they’re going to give you a second date.

Check out today’s video. It goes deeper into some of the subjects I just spoke about.

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I want to see all of you not only get a first date, but a second date, and beyond. Each date you go on, if you’re positive and do the things I talk about here, that next date might turn into your next girlfriend.