We’re so caught up in trying to get people to like us. Think about it.

You see a woman (or man) you think is attractive. You think, “I just want her to like me, so I’m going to edit myself because that is how people respond well to me.”

You think similarly about how you act around your friends. You think, “That’s why all my friends like me, because I edit myself all the time. My friends really like the edited version of me. They don’t like the full-length movie, they only like the preview of me. They love the edited version of me, so I never let my friends get to know the real me. Why should I? I’d much rather have them get to know the movie preview version of me, because isn’t that more exciting and that way they won’t get to know all of me.”

Here’s what is so ridiculous about this mindset. By editing yourself, no one gets to know the real you so they don’t really like you anyway. If they like the edited version of you, they are not going to like the real version of you.

Not only that, but what are you really trying to accomplish by editing yourself? You are trying to get someone to like you? “Please like me! Here are my good attributes — I am funny, tall, have some money in the bank and dress well. So please like me.”

When you edit yourself in this way, your conversations are based on all superficial things. Superficial things are boring.

Wouldn’t you like to stand on top of a mountain and scream something that you never before screamed? Wouldn’t you like to walk up to someone you’re attracted to and just tell them that they are the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen but you just got so nervous you didn’t know what to say.

Wouldn’t you like to just be honest about everything for one day? Wouldn’t it be cool if you spent one whole day being honest, and walking up to people and saying to them whatever you were feeling?

What an amazing thing that would be. Do you realize that if you did that, that some people would like you and others wouldn’t?

The key is that the people who would like you, would like you based on who you really are and not on the edited movie preview version of you.

They would like the real you. It’s time to let yourself out.