Today’s Dear David comes from a new reader Craig. Craig is 20 and has run into a problem a lot of guys face. He’s becoming very attached to a girl, and even though she’s showing signs she’s not interested in him, he’s having a hard time letting go.

Here’s his email and my response…

“Dear David

There’s this girl I’ve been flirting with for some time. We get on pretty well, and we always have fun together. Here’s the thing. I’ve started getting feelings for her. I haven’t gone all soft on her and spilled my heart, but I’ve made it obvious I’d like to be more than friends. Trouble is she’s made it clear she doesn’t want to be more than friends, and now she barely even speaks to me. I should just let it go, but I really like her and hate that we don’t speak anymore. Any idea how to get her back and make her see I’m right for her?

I’m determined to make her like me!”              

David Says…

Craig you’re a young guy and I’m sorry if any of this sounds harsh but you need to hear it. Firstly, this is something most guys experience at some time in their lives. You like a girl, she’s not interested, you probably see her with other guys, and it drives you mad.

Your ego can’t allow you to accept she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, so you keep plotting ways to make her want you. Here’s the reality…

You can’t force a girl to like you.

In fact, the more you chase her the less she’ll want you. Here’s what you need to do. Talk to her normally. Don’t flirt and don’t push her. She’s not the last girl on the planet. There are hundreds of girls all round you to date. Don’t get hung up on one. You need to start getting an abundance mindset. Start talking to other girls. Get to know people. Become a celebrity in your environment. As a man it can be hard to accept you can’t always have your own way, but you need to embrace it because… that’s life!

You’re not always going to get your own way, you’re not always going to win, and you’re not always going to get the girl you want. You know the key to massive success in life?

The key is NOT CARING!

This girl doesn’t like you, so what?

The next girl doesn’t like you, so what?

Who cares?

Embrace rejection, because let me tell you Craig, until you can accept rejection you’ll always feel as bad as you do now. So, suck it up, and accept this one doesn’t want to date you. It’s her loss because you’re the prize!

You’re on the right path because you’re here and you’re trying to develop as a person, so good luck and welcome to the community!