How to develop confidenceGuys keep asking me this question…

“You keep saying I need to learn how to be confident. How can I learn to develop natural confidence? What does it even mean?”

Well, here’s the way I see things. Too many guys are out there trying to qualify themselves to women. Too many guys are out there trying to impress them, and trying to convince women to like them. It’s ridiculous. The majority of men have a serious mindset problem. Who is the gift here, you or them?

Life is all about mindset and it’s something I stress in my “Men’s Mastery Series” program. I talk about how the power of mindset can you get a girlfriend. You need to develop attitude. Attitude gets you the girlfriend. Attitude gets you the casual hookups. Attitude gets you everything in life. I’m not talking about a bad attitude, or saying you need to be an a-hole. 

I’m talking about an air of confidence and attitude that most men lack. How you get confidence? How do you get women to qualify themselves to you instead of the other way around?

It’s simple. You’re going to head out to your nearest flea market or grocery store, and you’re going to practice your attitude. In your mind, you’re going to tell yourself what an amazing man you are. You’re going to tell yourself you’re the guy women want to date. You’re going to walk around with the belief it’s OK that SOME women aren’t going to find you attractive, because the great ones will.

There will be women who are too young for you. There will be married women. But that’s not what we’re worried about. We’re talking about your new belief system. If you believe that you’re the gift, and you walk around with that in your mind, women will start to qualify themselves to you. Why? Because life is about energy. Confidence is energy, and women can feel it. When women feel confidence, they naturally try to qualify themselves as “worthy” of your attention.

When a woman is talking to a man with high self-esteem, and a man who values who he is as a person, there’s a twinkle in his eye. It’s in the way you ask her questions. I’m always asking questions. I’m interested in who I’m talking to. If she doesn’t ask me anything, I’m not interested. She’s obviously only interested in herself.

When you’re talking to women, you should never care about the outcome of your interaction. You don’t need a woman. You’re satisfied with yourself. You don’t need a relationship. You don’t need anything apart from yourself. That’s so powerful. When a woman is around a guy who is self-sufficient, and who lives an interesting life, what is she going to want to do?

She’s going to want to be part of that because you’re independent, forward thinking, and not afraid to state your opinion.

 In turn, women will start selling themselves to you. She knows you’re rare. SO many men are needy and co-dependent. Open your eyes guys. Look in the mirror right now and write down the 10 most amazing things about who you are as a man. This is a powerful exercise from “Men’s Mastery Series.”

I want you to do this exercise for a reason. I want to see strong men walking around this planet. I want to see strong men that  women really desire and deserve. That’s how you develop natural confidence. So go do that exercise. If you feel like sharing, you know what to do. Post away below!