The other day I went to the car wash.

The guy who washes my car all the time looked at me and points out a big door ding on my car. Shakes his head and says, “People suck.”

I think he summed it up really, really well.  How conscientious are you of other people and other people’s things?  Me personally, I’m never going to swing my door open, no matter how tight the spot is on someone else’s car.  Why should I do that to them?  It’s rude, disrespectful, and actually, in Germany, if you do that you leave a note with your phone number on it so you can fix it. I’m not kidding!

In Munich, Germany, you go on the street and there’s Porsches, Mercedes, and Audis all parked in parallel parking spots.

There’s not a single scratch or door ding on any of these cars.  Why?  Because in Germany, if someone parks too close and plays bumper pool like they do in the US, they’ll leave a note apologizing. And they pay for any damages on the bumper. Take a look at all the bumpers around your town. Take a look at all the marks all over cars.  People just don’t give a shit about other people’s property.

If you’re one of these people, it says a lot about you as a human being.  If you’re one of those people that just swings your door open on somebody, you’re probably the same guy that doesn’t treat the waiter well.  You probably don’t treat people well in general.  You probably think the world revolves around you, and you can just do whatever you want.

How do you think it makes you look when you’re meeting women?  What are women going to think of you if you’re on a date and you treat the waiter like crap, or maybe you make fun of somebody, or make someone feel bad about themselves?

Women will look at you and think to themselves, “Asshole!”

How you treat others is a reflection of how others will look at you, so you need to be aware of all your actions.  I was out one day with this guy, a client of mine.  He got really annoyed at the waiter and kept saying, “This guy can’t even get this simple job right.”

I looked at him and I said, “Maybe this simple job is not simple for him.  Maybe this simple job is a job that he finds difficult.  Maybe it’s a challenge for him.  Maybe this is his first week or first month and he’s trying really hard.  Oh, and by the way, three women sitting down over at another table were looking at you.  At first they found you attractive. The minute you started mouthing off to the waiter and acting like an idiot, they all looked disgusted. Not one of them would date you now!”

He went a funny shade of red, and stayed quiet the rest of the evening.

Have compassion, and treat other people as you want to be treated yourself.  And if you’re a door ding person, if you’re somebody that feels like you have the right to swing your door open on someone’s car, think about how you would feel if someone did it to you.

Be aware of how you treat others. It makes one hell of a difference to how attractive you are to the opposite sex.