What do you do if your guy’s friends are players?

You see them out on the town and they’re making him look at women, etc. It makes you feel so bad. You know he likes you but you’re worried about how he is when he’s out with his friends. What do you say to him? You don’t want to make him choose between you or his friends, so what do you say?

Nothing turns a man off more than a jealous woman.

When we’re out with our friends we want to know you trust us. If our friends are a bunch of womanizers, sure they’re going to go out there and flirt. Yes, our friends are going to go out and try to hit on women. But if we’re dating somebody that’s super cool and we’re happy in the relationship we’re not going to hit on women ourselves.

So what do you when he’s out with his womanizing friends?

You send him a text at the beginning of the night and say “hey babe,” (if you’re in nickname land), or “hey Joe,” (if his name is Joe) “have an awesome time with your friends tonight. I can’t wait to see you later.”

That’s it. Don’t go any further than that.

You don’t need to send him texts throughout the night asking him what’s going on, and you don’t need to give him the 411 and grill him when you see him again. You need to play it cool, and you need to trust him.

Then, about two or three hours into the night, send him a little text and go “hey baby, hope you’re having a blast tonight with your friends. I’m going to crawl into bed and I’m going to be wearing that sexy little T-shirt you love. Maybe if you’re done early enough you can come over and join me. I’ll keep the bed warm for you.”

Here’s the deal. Your man is going to be lit up like a firestorm.

He’s going to be thinking about this beautiful woman that’s in bed. You’ve already planted the seed with him. You’re wearing his favorite T-shirt, you’re wearing the favorite lingerie, you’ve already told him to have a good time, you left him alone throughout the night and you only texted him right before you went to bed.

If he’s a good guy, which most guys are deep down, he’s going to leave his womanizer friends. His friends are going to be womanizing, drinking, and frustrated because they’re not going to hook up with the woman they want anyway. He doesn’t care because he’s going to go home to you, and realizes he scored the coolest woman in the entire world. While his friends are out there trying to get trophies, he knows he has the biggest trophy of all.

It really is that simple to make us feel great.

I know when my woman does that to me it makes me feel unbelievable. I could be out with any one of my womanizer friends, and I love it when my woman texts me and says, “I hope you’re having fun. If you’re done early enough come crawl into bed with me.” Nothing makes me feel better than getting that text.

Be calm, be cool, and try to trust. Honestly it’s the only way to deal with his womanizing friends. If your guy really cares about you, he’ll keep coming back to you at the end of the night.