Here’s a quick tip today about success today.

You’re only as good as the people who surround you.

Take a look at your life right now and take a look at all the people who surround you. You’re only as good as those people who surround you.

Take a look at your co-workers. Those co-workers on a daily basis will either make you look good or make you look worse, especially if you’re part of a team.

Take an NFL franchise. Doesn’t matter if you’re a star quarterback being drafted through the first overall pick. You’re only going to be as good as the team that surrounds you from coaches to general managers to owners.

Take a look at the Jets.

A team that’s patently bad.


It’s the owner. The owner surrounds himself with bad people. Mike Maccagnan, a terrible general manager.

Todd Bowles, a mediocre coach.

The list goes on and on. Take a look at your life if you own a small company. If you don’t have people that are fully dedicated and execute on time, then you’re only going to be as good and successful as the people that are around you.

Look at the friends that you go to for advice. If you go to the same people over and over again that give you the same shitty advice, your life will only be as good as the advice that you’re getting.

Look at your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend. You’re only as good as those people who surround you.

That’s the key to success.

Find great people and you’ll find greater success in life. Continue with the same people that are mediocre around you and you will remain in the mediocre zone nonstop.

It’s that simple.

So there’s a quick tip today. A quick read because I know that your time is valuable. I don’t need to put it in 1,000 words, when really this whole message can be done in under 500 words.

It’s like that with books too. A friend of mine skims books and he literally skims the chapters. Why?

Because publishers (and I’ve had two books published so I know this) want you to fill a book with lots of pages and words because it’s perceived value.

A book has 300 pages is perceived as a good value and people will buy it.

But what I have found in life is that the best information you can find sometimes is condensed into 500 words or less.