I was in Palm Springs a couple weekends ago. I stayed as long as I possibly could; 24 hours of that heat and I was detoxed enough.

I got home in time to take a yoga class. I take the sleepy yoga class on Sunday afternoon sometimes. It’s restorative.

It’s basically an hour and 15-minute nap in the late afternoon.

When I was walking in, there was this girl that looked so familiar to me. We exchanged some pleasantries in the beginning.

And on my way out, we talked. I wished her a great night.

And then, when I got into line at Tender Greens, it popped into my head. I knew that I knew her from somewhere, but I wasn’t quite sure where. And then finally, it hit me.

It turns out, she was a Bumbler.

I Knew I Knew Her From Somewhere

I remembered having some vague text conversation with her on Bumble sometime over the last year.

We never went out, which is common for Bumble, we just chatted a bit.

And I saw her today.

It happens quite often.

I’m walking around L.A., and I see somebody that’s so familiar to me and then all of a sudden I realize, that’s right, they were a Tinderer or a Bumbler.

As you all know, I’m not a huge fan of Tinder or Bumble.

I just don’t really believe that I’m going to go meet somebody based on a photo and a few text words sent back and forth that never seem to go anywhere.

The Ah-ha Moment

But it’s funny when you know you know somebody. You know you’ve exchanged some type of pleasantries with them and it turns out that they were a Bumbler or a Tinderer.

real life tinder momentIn the good old days – not reminiscing here, just stating a fact – when you ran into somebody, when you saw them again, you actually ran into them and knew them because you had talked to them in person before. You had actually met them before. Now, it’s just some vague text conversation on a little screen.

Have any of you ever had those moments where you’ve run into a Bumbler or Tinder person and you weren’t quite sure where you knew them from?

And then you had to ah-ha moment that I just had.

Curious to know if I’m the only one experiencing this phenomenon, but I don’t think I am.