Have you ever run into the road police? I’m not talking about the people who drive the black and white cars with the cute little red lights on top. I’m talking about the road police.

You know who I mean — the people who decide they get to tell you how to drive. I’m not talking about people inside of cars honking their horn at other drivers.

I’m talking about really slow people who are walking across the street. This is such a California thing by the way.

I’m going to share a story with you. So this morning I’m driving down the road as I normally do. Actually I was only driving 25 mph on a 30 mph street.

There was a woman walking her dog, slowly crossing the street not at a crosswalk but in the middle of the road. I passed her as she got to the other side of the street, and as I passed her she starts motioning her hand at me with a “slow down” motion.

Really?! Are you kidding me? I wanted to say to her, “You’re the one going too slow. I had to slow down from 25 mph to 20 mph. Stop being the road police. If you weren’t so slow moving, you’d realize that I was going the speed limit.”

As someone who grew up a New Yorker, let me tell you. You do not slowly lolly-gag your way across the middle of a street. You run for your life, because cars will not stop for you.

In California, though, people will just walk across the street like they’re strolling in a park — walking slowly and leisurely across the street. People in California feel that it’s perfectly okay to make the cars driving on those streets stop and wait for them to take their time crossing the street.

If you that In New York, you are dead. If you do that in Chicago, you’re dead. Not in California though. In California, people just stroll across the street and expect cars to stop for them — even if they aren’t crossing the street at a crosswalk.

So the next time you are about to be the road police and you see a car driving the speed limit coming toward you, think for a minute. Could you maybe be walking a little bit too slow?

Instead of giving drivers dirty looks because you think that they should stop for you as you’re crossing the street, think about it from a different perspective. Maybe you should be hustling your lazy ass across the middle of the road or, if you can’t hustle, then wait until there are no cars to cross.

So how does this relate to dating? It’s a great story to tell people.

Guys are always wondering what to talk about on a date. How about talking about the road police? Talk about drivers in your area. Make fun of them.

Have fun with it. Everybody loves a good story. Say, “Oh my God, today I was driving and you wouldn’t believe what I saw…”

Everybody can relate to that. You all related to this topic right now. You all related to everything that I said. You’ve met the road police. It’s just you didn’t know what to call it.