Do you know what I love about traveling? It’s when you drive into LAX and the four cops who are standing there as you enter wave at you.

There are about five entrances into LAX, but they only stand in one. It makes me think that their function is not so much security, but more to be “meet ‘n greeters.”

Yes, I know they are supposed to be ferreting out would-be terrorists. They stare at you as you pass by and assess based on that look whether you have a bomb in your car.

What is funny, though, is that any cab driver will tell you about the other four entrances at LAX at which there are no “meet ‘n greeters.” It’s like the cab drivers know about a secret back door to a club about which the cops don’t even know.

So here in Los Angeles we have the “meet ‘n greeters” at the airport. They are there to wave hello to you when you enter LAX.

You are probably wondering why I am ranting about “meet ‘n greeters,” and what they have to do with today’s blog. I actually am not ranting about them.

I think they’re funny. They are something that would be part of an episode of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Can you imagine telling people about that job if you worked as a “meet ‘n greeter?” Someone asks you what you do do for a living, and you would say, “I’m a “meet ‘n greeter” at LAX . . .”

Then when they ask you what your job entails, you would say “I take my hands and put them in the air, moving my fingers back and forth all day long. I wear sunglasses as I stare at your car so I can look intimidating.”

Somewhere along the line in meet ‘n greeter school, these folks were supposedly taught how to find a bomb. Oh really, Mr. Meet ‘N Greet? What exactly are your experience and qualifications? Were you a meet ‘n greeter at Wal*Mart first?

You would, however, get to tell people all about the interesting things you get to do as a meet ‘n greeter. You could tell people, “I get to check out people in really interesting states of mind. I get to see people stressed out and rushing to get to their planes. I get to search cars with a flashlight and a cool dental-type mirror that turns upside down so I can see underneath the car.”

Is that really going to ferret out all the bombs? Really, I’m sure there aren’t any terrorists who know how to hide a bomb. I’m sure they would hide the bomb in that four inches that little mirror can see under the car.

So if you are looking for a new job, have I got a line for you! Think about looking into being an LAX “meet ‘n greeter.”