Thanks LadiesCan you believe it that time of year already?

Thanksgiving 2013!

A time to reflect on the year, a time to look ahead to our goals and aspirations for the year ahead, and a time to say thanks for everything we’re grateful for in our lives. I’ve said it before, but most of us focus so much on what we don’t have, we forget to be thankful for the amazing things we do have. One thing I know about my readers is that you’re all amazingly committed to life. You’re committed to being the best version of you possible, and committed to experiencing life in the most amazing way possible.

It’s humbling to have so many fantastic people in this community, so let me take this opportunity to say thanks to each and every one of you for reading, commenting, ranting, and emailing me personally. You know I love nothing more than helping you reach all your personal, dating, and relationship goals, and I’m as committed as you to making sure you hit every single one of them!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 2013!

And of course to all my loyal readers outside the United States… Happy Thursday!

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