Cat woman WygantA lot of you are going to be going to Halloween parties in the next few days. So what does a woman’s Halloween costume say about her?

First off, what somebody wears for Halloween is often what they really want to experience and be. Yeah, that’s right…

And all you dudes that dress up as women, you freak me out on Halloween.  I still believe you desperately want to become a woman at one time or another in your life. But this isn’t about you. When a woman dresses up in a trampy little outfit, feathers, maybe wears lingerie or something, it means she wants to be taken. She wants to be dominated. She wants to unleash the naughty girl inside of her.

But get your mind out of the gutter, because it ain’t going to happen unless you play the game!

You have to play the game with her. You have to be in control of your sexuality. She’s looking for a certain type of man, and you need to play that role. Halloween is a great time to start conversations with women too. When you’re at a party and you see a woman you like, you simply say, “Great outfit.  You wear it well.”

Own those words.  Say it with conviction.

And then say…

“What inspired you to wear that today?  What inspired you to become that superhero?  What inspired you to become that naughty girl from the ’60s or ’70s? What inspired you to be that kitty cat? What inspired you to be a princess?”

By doing that, you’re going to find out why she chose that outfit.  Then you can play even more and say, “Alright, what does the princess desire, since this is Halloween?”

Ask her, about her fantasies. Of all the men in the room, which costume attracts her the most and why?

It’s fantasy night, my friends. It’s role-playing night. That’s what this is. Women are wearing nurses outfits, school girl outfits, dressing as kitty cats because you know what, it’s not them who wants to get laid, it’s the kitty cat, it’s the nurse that wants to do it, it’s the one that’s dressed as a baby that wants to do it.

It’s the ultimate role-playing game! So it’s time you played along. It’s time you played the character. What does your costume say about you?

A lot of guys wear stupid costumes. Wear something you think will attract the role playing woman you’re about to meet. Does she want to be conquered by a superhero? Does she want to be conquered by a burglar?

Think sex, boys.

Maybe you want a girl who fantasizes about romance.  A woman who dresses as a princess would of course, want to meet what?  A prince. A woman that dresses as a little vixen or a little school girl probably wants to role-play with the burglar. Think about sexual role-plays, because that’s what Halloween is all about.  It’s a sexy holiday, and it’s full of fun so ENJOY IT!