I know it’s over a week until Halloween, but I wanted all of you to be prepared ahead of time. In today’s podcast I will tell you how you can make this Halloween amazing! More on that in a minute…

Halloween is the night that singles go out to talk to and meet characters who are like people they really want to meet. It’s also the night they go out as the character they’ve always wanted to become.

It’s really funny about Halloween. People get dressed up as what I like to call their “alter ego.”

Women will dress up in lingerie because they want to go out and have sex that night. Men will dress up as a super hero because they want to be a stud around women.

What’s up with the men who dress up as women? Does that mean they need to be women? Who knows.

Halloween is all about having a good time. Most of you, however, are guilty of one thing on Halloween night. You are guilty of chasing the night.

Chasing the night is looking for that one perfect party, and trying in that one night to make up for all those other nights that didn’t work out so well. It’s looking for that Halloween party that is going to deliver the most amazing people, so you can meet the most amazing person of the opposite sex.

In reality, though, Halloween is just one night. That’s it.

Today’s podcast is going to explore how to make the most of Halloween. I’m also going to share some costume ideas with you that will absolutely blow you away. These costumes are going to enable you not only to meet people, but will do something else that is amazing as well. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out the whole story.

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