Depositphotos_36609795_s-2015 (1)Women are so turned on by bold men.

Men that have no fear of them.

NOT men who suddenly manage to half ass asking women out. That do so in such a way that the woman immediately loses any interest of any respect for the man.

When you ask a woman out half ass, she is looking at you and evaluating you, and literally thinking to herself:

He’s got a mangina.

He lost his balls somewhere.

It doesn’t turn them on. What turns a woman on is a definitive role and a man who knows close, a man who has no fear, and a man who’s bold.

Today, I got an e-mail from one of my favorite clients, Andrew.

Andrew’s awesome. He’s in Albridge. I gave him a few words of wisdom to continue on the path of guidance and growth, and he’s never afraid to really ask out and ask for help. But a lot of you guys are. A lot of you guys need coaching, but you’re afraid to ask for it because your ego, your dignity won’t allow yourself to do that.

Even the most successful people ask for help. It’s one of the best words in the English language. It’s a powerful word. It’s probably the best four letter word you can use: help.

So Andrew wrote this great e-mail, and he said this to me:

Hey David,

I reconnected with a woman from my past. We knew each other socially, but never dated, and I asked her if she’d like to get together.

I mean, I asked her if it’s appropriate to reconnect. And she said, “we’ll see.”

How am I going to boldly convince her to get together with dignity and cover on?

Thanks for the input.

Wish me well, Andrew.

I had a quick response to Andrew. I’m going to really give you that response and I’m going to do it so that I really build on a little bit so you see a lot more:

Boldly convince her? You don’t need to boldly convince her. You just need to be bold. Words don’t convince, words convey action.

Men that don’t need to convince, they bring a concept that they don’t care about what anybody else thinks at all. They will boldly speak whatever’s on their mind, and they will say it because they know that they’re winners. Closers are winners.

And that’s something that I think that all of you need to understand. Closers are winners.

Anyway, I told Andrew that dignity is ego . And when you are so caught up in your dignity, you’re caught up in your ego. You’re so afraid of what other people think. So, you’re constantly seeking to validate approval.

Any dignity is enough to what a woman thinks, I’m going to boldly ask her out, when she sees me they will see. I’m going to send her this type of text.

The text reads this:

“We’ll see… How can I change that to yes? Would be awesome to connect and get together (smiley face).”

You’re literally showing her that you don’t care. You’re not going to stick your tail between your legs like most guys are, or run away, a total lost cause.

You see, you’re a winner. And a winner will always go and only close the woman and not care. You will ask her out until she says yes or until she says no. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You’ve got to have balls and tell her the truth. Respond.

But if you walk away…

You’re basically telling her you don’t have balls. You’re not bold. And instead of having to marry a woman, you marry a fucking banter instead. You’re basically going to give her a lengthy encounter and be put in the friend zone.

Be funny, be daring, and be bold. That’s what winners do. That’s how you do it.

I want to share one last story. A friend of mine messaged a beautiful woman on Tinder one day. They went back and forth and then she vanished. He kept trying to re-engage her with cute, little texts that basically said, “I’m a man, I don’t give a shit if you vanish. But I’m going to continue to ask you out until you either say yes or no.”

He’s living with her now. You see, persistence works. Cool persistence works. Not over the top persistence.


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