I want to share a story with you that’s really interesting. When my step-grandfather was alive, he used to live in Fort Lauderdale. He used to say to me all the time, “The one thing I don’t like about Florida or Arizona is that so many people come down here to die.”

I looked at him and said, “What do you mean? Don’t they come down here to retire?” He said,”No, they come down here to die. This place is like God’s waiting room. So many people have just given up on life that they come here to just exist.”

You know, it’s interesting. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, and I realized that so many people are so afraid to unwrap the gift of life. Life is an amazing gift. People are just afraid to unwrap it.

People always say things like these:

“I’m going to go to Italy in ten years.”
“I want a family in seventeen years.”
“I’m going to go see my brother in six months.”
“I’m going to go talk to that woman in three months.”
“I’m going to go to the beach as soon as I lose ten pounds.”
“I’m going to go skiing this winter, as long as my boss allows me to do it.”

So many of you don’t wake up every single day and say to yourself, “This is a gift.” So many of you don’t look at life as a gift.

Life is an amazing gift. It’s a gift that you need to unwrap every single day.

So many people are always looking for external things — circumstances and validation from other people. So many people are looking for the magic pill.

There is something that can help you overcome whatever fear you might have or whatever excuses you may have in life. In today’s podcast, I will go over how life is a gift and how you can unwrap it.

I’m not going to say any more in the blog . . . you have to listen to the podcast to learn the rest. It may be the most important podcast you’ll ever listen to in your entire life. Enjoy it!

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