And-God-made-a-Woman-david-wygant-23201I could not resist adding my twist to one of the Super Bowl ads.

And if you didn’t see the controversial ad, Google “God Made a Farmer” and watch it.

But if you did see it, and you know exactly what I’m talking about, try this one on for size:

God made a woman.

That’s the commercial I wanted to see.

If I were directing, my first shot would have had a beautiful brunette and a beautiful blonde standing there wearing clothes that hugged their bodies yet didn’t really show anything.

Then I’d have them walking through a stadium with 70,000 men watching in awe.

And then Samuel L. Jackson, the narrator, would begin:

God made a woman…

God made a woman so perfect you can see her on the big jumbo screen jumping around twirling around…

But I wonder, how many of the 70,000 men in the stands, would actually have the guts to walk on the field?

I’m sure many of them would appreciate the woman that God made.

They would think about how they want to go down there and talk to them.

But then they would mentally list all their excuses and all their fears.

Because God made fearful men.

Most guys would think, “Well there are security guards so I’m not going to risk anything.”

Most guys would think, “If they reject me there are 70,000 people in these stands talking bad about me.”

Most guys would sit there sipping their Coors Light because they’d get nervous.

The excuses would fly and they’d accept the shitty reasons not to approach the beautiful women that God made.

God made a woman…and a woman is amazing, comforting, sexy, and nurturing.

But the most amazing that God has ever made for you isn’t a woman, it’s David Wygant, the dating coach.

God made David Wygant to help you overcome your fears and excuses.

Because David Wygant would have walked right down on that field of play and picked either the blonde or the brunette , grabbed her hand, walked out through the tunnel, through the parking lot, and back to whole foods of course:).

Because God made me fearless.

I can make you fearless as well.

You don’t need God. You don’t need anybody. You just need balls.

God made you with big balls that you may not have tapped into yet.

He made you able to conquer that woman.

He made you be able to claim that woman.

It’s just that society has programmed you to be afraid to get that woman.

That’s why God made dating coaches and that’s why he made me.

Check out the commercial here: