The answers to a lot of things that you’re thinking and feeling lie in your past.

You know that I never talk about the past.

You know that I call people who go out on dates and talk about the past all the time, pastors.

But sometimes you need to look back into your past to really figure out who you are and what you do now.

Recently I was back on the east coast for a boot camp in New York—another great one—and then went up to Stonington, Connecticut and Rhode Island to see my Mom and the family.

It was like flying into a time war.

By going back into the past, you hear the old stories, but every time you tell an old story the others seem to have a different angle to it, a different twist, something else that you didn’t remember, something else that you don’t know.

Going back in your past will tell you a lot about who you are right now in the present and why you do what you do in the present, and why you act the way you act.

The past gives you all of your answers—all of them.

Now think about your mom and dad. Do you see them in a different light now than when you were a child?

Well, now you’re an adult and by being an adult maybe you accept them a little bit differently because you see their flaws and maybe now you have those same flaws and you’re probably doing the same thing with your kids if you have them.

You become a lot more accepting when you are actually put in a situation like that, when you allow yourself to open up to everything that has happened to you, and everything you were.

It’s interesting when you look at life that way because you’re able to see things more clearly and accept things about yourself in ways that you perhaps have not yet.

Going back in the past and spending some time with family can really open up some answers to why you are who you are and maybe help you to accept some of the things as well.

The answers to a lot of our issues now are in the past.  Maybe it’s time to go back.

. . .

If you could go back in time, what decade would you go to and why?