Women ask me all the time, “What do men find romantic?” It’s interesting. There are a lot of women who think that all men (as a gender) are not romantic.

I also get a lot of women who email me and say something like, “I wish my boyfriend was more romantic.” Let me tell you something. There are also a lot of men who wish their girlfriend was more romantic.

For those women out there who are looking to be more romantic for your man, or to really light a fire in your relationship, here are seven quick tips on how to get your man to feel romantic:

1.Candles Are Not Just A “Woman Thing”: Candles are not only for women. Show your romantic intent by lighting candles all throughout the house that he’ll see when he walks through the door. It’s romantic, and it makes a man feel wonderful. So many women think that candles and champagne are things only women like. In reality, though, men react the same way to those things. A lot of men will set a romantic example of what they want by the romantic things they do for women, hoping the woman will do things like that back to him.

2.The Power Of A Simple Kiss: There is so much power in a simple kiss — a simple hello kiss, a simple goodnight kiss or a simple kiss before you leave in the morning. All of these things are romantic to a man. They make a man feel connected to you throughout the day. Those kisses make him feel wonderful in a way that lingers and will have him thinking about you all day long.

3.The No Special Reason Text: Send your man a simple text in the middle of the day saying, “Hey babe. I can’t get you out of my mind.” It will make him feel really good all day long. It will also make him feel very romantic as well.

4.Just A Note To Say…: It’s funny. A lot of men go out there and buy flowers for their woman or will write her a card, but how many women write their man a card? Think about writing your man a card just for the sake of it being a nice romantic gesture. You go to the supermarket or the drug store and you see a great little card there. Buy it, write him a little note and then leave it on his pillow so he’ll see it before he leaves in the morning. That way he can read it all day long. It is a great way to make a man feel romantic.

5.The Unexpected Surprise: Think about a way to surprise your man. Set a night where you will surprise him and he will not be expecting it. Instead of the usual Friday or Saturday night where you say “Hey babe, what do you want to do tonight?,” why don’t you create and plan a night for him. Take him out for a great meal or take him to a ball game. Take the initiative.

It’s amazing how men and women crave the same things, but yet don’t understand the dynamics of what their actions cause. Although a romantic night for a woman may be different than a romantic night for a man, it’s really all about the effort that you put into the night that makes the other person feel warm, special and romantic.

6.Set The Mood: Setting a special mood at home makes a man feel romantic. When he comes home from the office, for example, you could have his favorite music playing, rub his shoulders and tell him you want to hear all about his day. It’s the simple things like this that make a man feel romantic. Allowing a man to share his day with you makes a man feel very romantic.

7.Those Three Little Words: This one may seem a little too simple to you, but there is nothing that makes a man feel greater and more romantic than hearing the words “I love you” come out of your mouth. Say it when he walks through the door or when he helps you with something. It’s the unexpected ‘I love you’ that really gets men feeling amazing. Hearing a woman say “I love you” after a fight makes a man feel appreciative, special and romantic — especially when it is said from the heart.

It’s quite simple to make a man feel romantic. In so many ways, it is no different than the things a man can do to make you feel romantic. A lot of couples make the mistake of not doing these kind of things on a regular basis, and the romance dies as a result. It is the little things that make each other feel great and make each other feel romantic.

So if you are in a relationship that’s stagnant, feels like it’s just not ‘clicking’ anymore or in which the romance has died, then using even one or two of these tips will help you get the fire burning again. When you start doing romantic things for someone else and see their reaction, it will make you feel more romantic too.

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