She was so amazing, I couldn’t talk to her. She was so beautiful, I was absolutely tongue-tied. She was my dream girl. You see, when you spend your life as a “she was”, it means that you are putting women on a pedestal. She was nothing, to be honest with you. The majority of times you see a woman that you think is a, “she was”, turns into absolutely nothing.

The majority of women that you see on a daily basis, are women you’re probably never ever going to have any type of relationship with at all.  And that’s where this gets real interesting. If you really understand that principal, which all of you do, then why are you always putting them on a pedestal?

She was so beautiful, I couldn’t talk to her.

She was so intriguing, she was so confident.

Whenever you talk about she was, you’re not looking at the reality of life. A woman is nothing until you communicate with her. She’s just a vision, somebody standing there, beautiful body, beautiful face.  But you don’t know anything about her, nor will you, until you communicate with her. You need to start looking at life differently than you do now.

Choose to communicate with somebody because you believe that you are a gift, you are that powerful man that will enhance her life by communicating with her. Don’t get in your head, don’t build up a story about women before you even talk to them.  The majority of people that you see on a daily basis are people that you’re never going to see again. Why would you create a story about what someone could be, or what they may be, when you don’t know if they are going to there?

There’s so many variables, when it comes to meeting women. The woman that you’re staring at, she may have a boyfriend, she may be a lesbian, she may be married. She may not be even interested in you no matter what you say to her.  You need to realize that the odds are pretty high that you’re not going to connect with her.

The only way you’re going to find out if she is anything to you is by communicating and talking to her. Every time you do not walk over and communicate with a woman, you come up with a story, you get into your head, you’re slowing down your own process of evolution.

Every time you do go and talk to somebody, you eliminate them. Then, you’ve eliminated that woman so you can go on and move to the next one. There are so many guys that are tied up with the Starbucks girl, the dreams of the girl they see in Starbucks every Tuesday morning at 8:00, or the girl that’s on the treadmill at the gym on Thursdays at 6:15. They create a story about what they think and hope that she’s going to be.

Women pass by you all day long. Most of them mean absolutely nothing to you. The majority of people that pass you by are just extras in your life. Background people in your day to day life.  To just go out and communicate, talk to people. See if there’s a spark with any of these random strangers.  A spark is the hardest thing to find. If you don’t go out and talk to people, and you’re creating stories about them, how are you going to find the spark?

Time for you to get out of your head. Time for you to become more pro-active. I suggest you watch today’s video.  It’s going to help you get out of your head to meet women. It’s a video that you need to pass on to a lot of your friends and more importantly, it’s a video that will enable you to live the lifestyle that you want.

Enjoy it. It’s one of my favorites. And for a step by step guide to getting over any nerves or approach anxiety with women check out, “The Fearless Code