The other night as I was about to fall asleep, I turned to my girlfriend and said “Babe, do you hear that? I think your mom is snoring!” So we got really quiet so we could listen, and indeed we could hear her mom snoring right through the wall. It’s amazing how the sound of snoring can travel through sheet rock.

It reminds me of staying in a hotel, and how the walls are always so paper thin that you can even hear the person in the next room sneeze. I actually remember staying in a Marriott in Washington DC one time when I did hear the man in the room next to me sneeze. When I heard that I said “Bless you” which he evidently heard right through the wall, because he answered “Thanks!”

Anyway, so my girlfriend and I spent the night listening to her mom snore. Her mom more than made up for that, though, with some amazing meals she’s been cooking for us. I’m telling you, you can’t beat coming home to the smell of meatballs and the sound of Frank Sinatra playing.

Now, on to today’s magical Friday topic!! Here’s something that is going to blow you away: when you approach a woman and you’re afraid of looking like an idiot, guess what happens?

You look like an idiot.

You manifest that which you are afraid of. Have you ever heard of the concept of poverty mentality? It says that the person who is so afraid of being broke all of the time will stay broke.

It’s all about mindset. When you go in there being afraid of looking like an idiot, you’re not being yourself.

You need to ask yourself a question. Look in the mirror right now, and ask, “Am I an idiot? Am I somebody that is such an idiot that people can’t even stand me? Do people walk over to me all the time and say, ‘You’re a fucking idiot, what is wrong with you?’ ”

You have to realize that this is nonsense. And you’ll most likely look like an idiot when you’re afraid of looking like one. If you’re not afraid, and you’re not over-thinking, you just act like yourself.

A lot of guys think, well if I act like myself, women aren’t going to like me. Bullshit. I’m talking about acting the way that you do in front of your friends. I’m talking about acting the way you act when you’re having a good time – not when you’re scared.

It’s not hard to act carefree. In fact, it’s fairly easy. You’re not being judged by anybody. The person sitting next to you is not looking at you and sizing you up.

It’s crazy. And it’s all about being stuck inside your head.