stop chasing womenWhen I was out in the Hamptons recently, a friend of mine came over to my house early one morning. He pushed open the door and said, “This is the big day in Montauk. Ditch your plans, there’s going to be tons of women. It’s a Sunday. There won’t be another day like this.”

I thought to myself, “that’s not smart thinking at all.”

If you’re constantly chasing women, you’re sacrificing other parts of your life. You’re not becoming the well-rounded interesting person you need to become. If you’re always going to the hottest bar or the newest club to find women, you’re not working on yourself.  Granted, I know you want a girlfriend.

I know you want to connect with a woman, but the guys that connect with women are the ones who are more interesting. Taking a Sunday to go see an old friend, will not only inspire and feed your soul, but will make you feel wonderful about yourself. The things you can learn from them will perpetuate your life moving forward. You see, when you go on a Sunday to just enjoy a friend, that beautiful, amazing connection and conversation will inspire you to grow, and to be more.

Always having that chase mentality is exhausting. To me, it feels like there have always been women everywhere. I could go somewhere, it could be off-season, and I know I’m going to meet somebody interesting to talk to because I live an abundant life. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday at the hottest beach in the Hamptons for me have a stimulating conversation.

I can go to the same beach the very next day, and meet somebody who vibrates on my energetic level because that’s how I live my life. Being able to connect with a friend, being inspired, and being able to go deep with somebody enhances my soul and feeds my energy. It allows me to be more interesting.

I know a lot of guys that are always chasing women all day and all night. It’s exhausting. You’re not an interesting person when you do that. You can’t go see a movie because it’s Saturday night and you’re afraid you’re going to miss the bar scene. And you might have met the woman of your dreams that night.

You can’t go have lunch with a friend on a Sunday afternoon because there’s a pool party that you need to get to because you may miss someone amazing you’d have met at dinner. You can’t go and have dinner on a Friday night with a friend and his wife, because you’re going to be the third wheel. You really want to get to the bar by a certain time because that’s when there are women there. You see what I’m saying?

There are women everywhere. In fact, if you believe in the principals of attraction, no matter where you go, there are women. Not only that, in life, you want to build upon friendships and relationships because this is the key. Women usually come and go unless you find that perfect, amazing one that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

So, when you forgo an amazing friendship and a connection lunch with a friend that will inspire you, and instead you go off chasing women, be aware you’re making a choice that might be anything but smart!