Hey friends, do you know what my New Year’s resolution is? That we all get Naked.

Remember when we were little kids, we used to always say “I’ll be your best friend if…”? I was thinking about that the other day and how funny that is. I used to say that all the time to people.

“Hey look, man, if you come over to John’s house today—because I don’t want to play with him alone—I’ll be your best friend.”

Or “Hey, if you pick me up from school later on, I’ll be your best friend.” I was thinking about all those deals I made, and, I’ve got a lot of best friends!

So here’s the deal I’m going to make with all of you: I’ve got a brand new book coming out called Naked. It’s incredible. It teaches you how to be nude—alright, maybe not nude, but it teaches you how to get past all of your fears, get rid of all your negative thinking, and really, really reformulate your belief systems.

In all my years of coaching people, what I’ve realized the most is that if you don’t believe you can do it, then you’ll never do it. It doesn’t matter what you study. It doesn’t matter what you learn. It doesn’t matter what approaches you make. If you really don’t believe in yourself, if you really don’t believe that you have the gift, that you’re an amazing person and somebody that’s worth dating, then you’re dating all wrong.


So I’ll be your best friend if you go and purchase my book. Because here’s the deal: I don’t ask any of you for much. As you know, I post on this blog every single day, FREE, whether you buy products or not. I post videos up on Youtube for FREE, whether you buy products or not. I enjoy that. I enjoy giving away videos and giving away things and podcasts, so all of you have a much better dating life.

But this time I’m going to ask something of you. I want my book to become the number one best seller on Amazon. The only way to do that is if you get everybody, including yourself, to buy it. It’s $10 on Amazon. That’s all. And if you do buy the book, Naked, you know what that means? It means that I’m going to be your best friend. That’s what it means.

The book is phenomenal. It really is 15 years of my coaching put into one book. It really is everything that I had gone through in my own personal life and how I got emotionally naked and was able to acquire the friends and the relationships that I desire.

So, purchase the book. And, in order for us to be BFLs—that’s best friends for life—I want you to leave a review on Amazon when you’re done reading it. Then, when anybody asks you, “Hey, who’s your best friend?,” you can respond with, “David Wygant: he’s my best friend because I bought his book, Naked.”

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