Build Muscle While Losing Fat Before Summer
By Vince DelMonte

Can you all believe that today is the start of Memorial Day weekend!!

Time just keeps flying by. It is now the start of beach, pool,and lake season which brings up this question.

Are you ready to look great in a bathing suit?

Today we have a free audio podcast about fitness with my good friend and fitness guru Vince DelMonte.
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Give it a listen and read through this quick great workout plan and do not forget to check out Vince’s other workouts on his site….I put the link down below for both the men and women to check it out.

Have an amazing summer kickoff weekend!!!

Winter is far from gone and it’s time to shed the bulky jackets and change into a swimsuit. This is the moment of truth – as the winter beaten you up or are you ready to show up your lean and fit muscle? Fear not, if your body is not beach worthy yet, it can take as little as 6-8 weeks to see some tremendous improvements.

The tips I’m going to share are based on a little secret us fitness models and bodybuilders keep to ourselves but prepared to share with you. To really turn heads and look leaner and more muscular, you need to focus on pure fat loss. This is the secret action hero celebrities use to appear huge on the big screen – they focus on getting as ripped as possible which creates the illusion that you have gained muscle mass. Focusing on a fat loss program will be your secret weapon this next few weeks and months as you strive for a symmetrical and balanced physique.

This all sounds easier than done but with the time tested action steps below, you’ll be ripped faster than ever and have the beach body you deserve.

How To Get Ripped With Weight Training

• Focus on 45-75 minutes weight training sessions to increase caloric expenditure.
• Focus on 80% compound movements and 20% isolated movements.
• Aim to get stronger by 5% every two weeks.
• Listen to your body and do an extra set or rep if you are feeling good.
• Keep your rest periods between 30 and 60 seconds.
• Hit every muscle group at least two times per week. E.g. Push day on Monday and Thursday (chest, shoulders, triceps, quads) and Pull day on Tuesday and Saturday (lats, rows, biceps, hips)

How To Get Ripped With Nutrition

• Take your body weight and multiply it by 13 to determine how many calories you need.
• Break these calories up into 5 or 6 meals.
• Take 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight.
• Eat starchy carbs at breakfast, before a workout or after a workout.
• Eat 2 cups of veggies with each meal.
• Drink 4-6 liters of water a day.
• Limit your liquid nutrition (protein shakes) to one per day.
• Focus on egg whites, chicken breast, and fish as your protein staples.
• Focus on oatmeal, brown rice and brown read as your starchy carbs.
• Get your fats from natural peanut butter, fish oil and olive oil.

How To Get Ripped With Cardio

• Perform at least 30 minutes of moderate to hard cardio after a weight training workout.
• Perform 30-60 minutes of moderate to hard cardio on your off days.
• Try to do your cardio on a empty stomach or before bed.
• Use the form of cardio that you enjoy the most.

There you have it. Now you know how to lean down and transform your body into a world class physique. The clock is ticking so train hard!

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and get ripped, without drugs, supplements and training less than before.