The other day a guy wrote me and said:


I met this cool woman at a party. We seemed to hit it off great. 

We e-mailed each other back and forth a few times, she then went away for a few days, and then I asked her out.

She then sent me some strange e-mails and kind of through me in the lunch zone.

What do I do? 


. . .


The lunch zone? I’ve never heard that terminology before but I’m going to run with it right now.

The lunch zone is basically the friend zone, meaning that she doesn’t see you as a romantic interest—she just wants to have lunch with you.

Maybe you should take her to a little place where you can cut the crust off the sandwiches and have tea with her too and sit there and just become one of her girlfriends.

Here’s how I deal with a woman that throws me into the lunch zone or the friend zone.

I don’t care.

First off, it’s all about putting out a lot of feelers out there.

Some will, some wont, so what.

Sure, it stings. The woman that you thought was into you, that you thought you flirted with, that you thought you had a connection with—didn’t, at least not with you.

Yeah it sucks because when you get that number, in your mind you think to yourself, “Wow, I met somebody really cool, I can’t wait to get to know her. This is so cool.”

But, as in a lot of cases, give a woman five or six days to think, and they’re going to get into their head so bad—whatever attraction was there will be gone.

That’s right, women get into their head probably more than men.

Women analyze and over-analyze every little detail of every little conversation and every little thing about the interaction she had with you.

So here’s the deal: have amnesia.

Be like a good NFL quarterback—Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, Drew Brees—and have self-induced amnesia.

Every one of these quarterbacks has at some point talked about what they do to forget the last interception they threw, or to forget a bad game.


So if the connection with her isn’t there the way you think—get amnesia, let it go. Sure, it sucks, but she doesn’t deserve you anyway and there are so many other ones to have.

So get right back out there, start flirting with another woman, and sure enough, you’re never going to remember this one anyway.

Because here’s the deal: the next girl you meet that emails you and flirts with you and accepts your offer for dinner is going to make you forget all about some girl that put you in the lunch zone.

So go get her.