I am sure at this point in the day you are texting your friends and wondering.

Where should we meet for Happy Hour.

Where can we get cheap drinks and even cheaper food as well as an abundance of hot women to flirt with while we pound back the drinks and get all drunk.

Something about this really does not sound fun when you see it in print!

Nothing turns a woman off more than a bunch of testosterone-laden men cruising the bars like a pack of hungry, drunk wolves searching for their next kill on a Friday or Saturday night. Does this behavior sound appealing to you?

How would you like to be a woman and feel this energy directed towards you week in and week out?

Yet I’m sure this is what you probably do with your buddies on a Friday or Saturday night. Most men and women go out in packs.

Women go out in the “bitch cliques,” and you know exactly what I mean here. There’s basically one bitch in the clique who’s the downer for the whole group, but yet women invite her along out of guilt.

See, women are emotional creatures, and they feel they need to invite “Poor Mary the Downer” along. Men go out in packs which, if you ask any woman on a street corner today if she finds drunk men with a pack mentality interesting, she’ll tell you that it is one of her biggest turn-offs. Is this fun?

If you want to seriously meet quality women, then you’re not going to meet them hanging with your drunk wolf-like friends. Women notice when you stare at them like a piece of meat.

The other night I was out with a client, and these two women walked into the lounge and immediately every horny, drunken man in the place stared at them like they were fresh roadkill. By the time they made it to the bar, they had three groups of men lay cheesy pick up lines on them.

So what did these women do after they got their drinks? They ran to a corner and turned their backs on the entire place.

So how do you meet women like this? You do it by running alone and meeting them in times they’re most vulnerable.

When are they vulnerable? All day Saturday after they’ve been attacked by the drunken, testosterone-laden wolves on a Friday night.

They are well aware that they haven’t met somebody. They’re also well aware that they haven’t had sex in awhile, or that it’s been awhile since their last relationship.

And in their minds, they want to meet that strong, confident man in a random location. So they don’t have to go out and be attacked by the wolf pack mentality.

So the next time you see a woman on a Saturday morning at a coffee shop, play the odds. The odds are she had a crappy night the night before.

So walk over and ask her how her day was. Be blunt. Get to the point. Talk to her. She’s going to be so open to your approach because of the wolf pack the night before.

It’s all about understanding how a woman thinks. Whenever I work with a client, I always tell my client that every woman that’s out on a Friday night are ours to meet all day Saturday. From the malls to the coffee shops, you get them one-on-one.

The odds are in your favor. Play the odds.

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