As you all know, I’m really into health, fitness, and eating right. I work out, I eat well, I don’t drink, and I feel great.

While I was in Hawaii recently, I was sitting around the pool, and I looked at everybody and what they were eating.

People were sitting around eating Hyatt burgers, chips and salsa, guacamole.

They were drinking beer out of the can and having cocktails in all different colors.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, man, that’s sounds fun, what a great vacation to go sit around and indulge in colorful drinks and burgers and fries.

But what are they really doing to their bodies?

Avoiding Foods that Kill

While I was on the plane coming back, the guy next to me had five Diet Cokes. Granted, Diet Cokes have zero calories, but does he realize that Diet Coke actually puts weight on because of the chemicals that are in there?

All of these types of food will literally kill you.

All the food that the Hyatt serves is GMO-filled. There is nothing organic on that menu. Basically, when you’re sitting around eating a burger by the side of the pool, that burger is filled with pesticides, antibiotics and other bad things.

You’re basically destroying the intestinal flora in your gut.

You’re basically eating antibiotics from a cow that was tortured while it was alive.

When you’re eating chips with corn, all the chips you’re eating are from processed GMO food – genetically modified food.

The burger you’re eating is the size of a giant. There’s nothing nutritional in there.

What We Think is Healthy May Be Worse for Us

We are killing ourselves every single day with the foods that we eat, but people don’t think about it. They don’t realize the harm they’re actually causing their bodies. As a matter of fact, lots of people actually think they’re eating well when they’re not.

Do you ever go to Subway to go grab yourself a sandwich? Hate to break it to you, but everything in there is modified.

Sure, Jared lost a lot of weight on Subway, but he also destroyed anything good going on inside his body.

Our bodies are not designed to take all the GMO food that we’re putting into them.

Our bodies are not designed for all the antibiotics we’re constantly ingesting when we go to any fast food place or, really, any burger place out there that doesn’t use grass-fed organic beef.

You can do one of two things here: you can ignore this blog post because it has nothing to do with dating and relationships, or you can watch today’s video and look at it as a wake-up call to better health for a longer life. And better health means better everything. When you eat well, your body feels great, your mind is sharp, your body is sharper, and you just feel a lot better all around.

Check out today’s video, where we talk to a great health coach friend of mine, who knows a lot about this.