First Lady Follies By David Wygant

In a perfect world, Hillary Clinton will be elected President – not because of what she believes in, but because Bill Clinton will be the most fun First Lady we’ve ever had!

Picture this: Hillary’s hanging out with all of the Heads of State, smoking a cigar with all of the guys, talking, and Bill is going to be left alone with all of the women!

Think about this – women sit around in packs talking about their sex lives, the way their husbands are performing, who is happy or not, and all that information will be in Bill Clinton’s head.

No more Monica Lewinsky’s – Bill is going to get to hang out with the HOTTEST, SEXIEST women in the world!

Just picture a big dinner at the White House – every male politician brings their hot, beautiful, well-manicured wife – and there’s Bill, sitting at the women’s table, while Hillary schmoozes with all the power brokers.

As Hillary’s hanging out, sipping Cognac and smoking cigars with all the Heads of State from all over the world, there’s Bill in the little teacup room having dessert with all of the women.

This could be the most interesting four years ever in the White House! Forget about policy and politics – just think about the stories we’re going to hear from Bill!

The women he’s going to bang, the sex he’s going to have – you think the Lewinsky blowjob was fun? Four years of Mr. Hillary Clinton? This will definitely make the world a much more fun place!

So as far as I’m concerned, my vote goes to First Lady Bill Clinton, because we are going to see things that we’ll never get to see in the history of the United States.

When Hillary goes away on foreign business, Bill will be left alone with all of the women. This could be the first First Lady in a three-way! Hell – this could be the first First Lady that actually enjoys being a First Lady for ALL of its benefits! This could be the most sexual four years in the history of the United States.

After nobody getting BUSH for the last eight years, it’s time that Bill really gets the opportunity to understand what the Bush is all about!

And forget about the bush that he’s going to get – First Lady Bill Clinton is going to give a whole new meaning to the term “Heads of State” – isn’t that really what he’s all about?