First Date KissNope this post isn’t about some weird new dating ritual inspired by the east. It’s all about the first date kiss…

A bad one can literally kill off all the good work you’ve done over the course of your night with this girl. It’s the moment all guys hope for, and most guys dread. You’ve had a nice date. The conversation came in fits and starts, and there were a few moments she could probably tell you were nervous; but overall it went well.

You drop her home and walk her to her front door. As you say goodbye there’s that moment of magic. You’re looking into each other’s eyes, and now you have to make a decision. Do you give her a kiss on the cheek, a quick peck on the lips, or a full-blown kiss?

Most guys can’t read this moment, or don’t know how to react when it happens. They panic, and before you know it, there’s an awkward butting of heads, a wayward tongue and a girl recoiling in horror from you. So how do you go for that first date kiss right without it ending in embarrassment?

Here are 5 quick first date kiss tips!

 1. Read The Situation

You should have been listening to your date the whole night anyway, and if you have been, you should have an idea where you stand on the kiss. Has she told you she doesn’t like to kiss on first dates? Did she tell you any stories that showed she wouldn’t want to get physical right away? Maybe she’s told you about how she loves guys to stroke her hair when they kiss her.

Listen to what your date says because all the time she’s giving you clues as to what she likes or doesn’t like. You might pick something up about her expectations about a first date kiss.

2. Make Eye Contact

Make sure you’re looking a girl smack bang in the eyes before you kiss them. I’ve said it before but eye contact is so intimate, and it creates trust. Women love men that make them feel safe and secure. Especially if she’s about to let you kiss her. It also makes you look strong and confident. Even if you’re feeling nervous, hold eye contact, and she’ll feel like you’re calm and in control.

3. Compose yourself

I don’t care whether your gut is doing backflips, or your jeans feel like they’re going to bust you’re so turned on, now isn’t the time to lose control. Don’t pounce on her like you’re a cat attacking a bird, and for goodness sake don’t start grinding against her leg. It just makes you look like a desperate teenager who never gets sex.

Same thing with groping. Don’t start grabbing at her chest and butt like you’re kneeding dough. Hold her back, stroke her hair, or even hold her hands. The thing is to compose yourself and stay in control. If you’re like a rabid dog when you kiss her she’s going to expect you to be a Mr. One Pump in the bedroom. Show her you’re the man.

4. Tease Her a Bit

Don’t head straight for the lips. Kiss her on the neck to begin with. Work you’re way up from the neck to the cheek, and then toward the mouth. It builds up the sexual tension for her, and by the time you actually lock lips she’ll be desperate to kiss you.

Again, it’s about showing your in control of yourself, and the situation. Women want to know they’re with a man that’s in control. And remember, a kiss is a preview of what you can do in the bedroom. If you have no control over kissing her, you’re not going to have any control when you have sex. She’ll let you know when and if she’s ready to use her tongue so don’t go forcing it in there!

Take your time, and enjoy the moment with her. Feel the connection, and let her feel you. It’s so poweful.

5. Check yourself

I can’t believe I have to remind you guys of this, but for goodness sake check your breath. If you’ve been out to dinner, think about what you’ve eaten. Is it likely to smell? My advice would be to take some gum or a mint with you anyway just in case. And if you smoke normally, A’t smoke on your date if you can help it. I’m telling you, nothing kills the passion like kissing someone that smells like an ashtray.

And while you’re at it, carry a little travel bottle of cologne just in case. Don’t drown yourself in it, but if you’ve got hot on your date, or it’s been a few hours give yourself a couple of sprays to freshen up.

The thing with a first date kiss is to relax, enjoy it, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. If your date is happy to kiss you, she obviously has some interest in you. Don’t worry so much about the outcome. Just stay in control, relax, and enjoy the connection. Kissing a girl on a date really don’t need to be as complicated as some guys make it.

Remember, the kiss is only one part of a first date. There are a bundle of other things you need to get right before you get to the kiss. What should you talk about? How do you take control of your date? How to you spike her emotions? How do you create attraction? How do you escalate her sexually? etc.

Get any of these things wrong and you blow any chance you have of dating this girl. In my popular program “First Date Seduction” you can actually watch me on two live first dates, and the here me break them down play by play, so you know understand why I did, and why it worked. All you need to do is copy what you see!

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