So you have a nice car, you’re doing a job that pays well, you have a hot tub in your garden, and you’ve got a couple of friends in high places. All you have to do is tell all the girls about it and they’ll be falling at your feet right?

You’ll have girls lining up to be your girlfriend, right?


Sure, if you brag about how much money you have, and how fast your car is you’ll impress a few gold-diggers. If you’re lucky they might even lay down, open their legs, and close their eyes tight for you so you can have sex with them now and then. Don’t get too into the sex because she’ll only give it to you when she absolutley has to. You watch how many headaches she gets!

But playing “Big Daddy Game” on a first date isn’t going to get you a long term relationship. And it certainly won’t attract the kind of women who want to settle down. When you play “Big Daddy Game” on a first date you look desperate and stupid.

Women aren’t foolish. They know what you’re doing, and they know you’re so limited as a man, you have to use your material possessions to attract women. Most women find it boring and unsexy. So have you been guilty of playing “Big Daddy Game” on first dates? Have you tried to impress women with your acheivements rather than YOU as a man?

In this video I take a closer look at “Big Daddy Game” and reveal the ultimate consequence of not mastering the art of the first date!

The only way you’re going to get a second date with a woman, is to learn how to spike her emotions and make her desire on your first date. I’ve created a brand new dating program for men, designed specifically to show you how to master the art of the first date. You’ll see me on TWO genuine first dates, and see exactly how I talk to, touch, tease, and close these women.

It’s all in “First Date Seduction”

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