Most men are looking for the perfect wingman so they can pick up and meet women. But wingmen can be complicated.  They can be over-competitive with you. Another problem is most women are offended by your so-called perfect wingman.

Here’s some quick advice to make sure you’ve found a guy who will bring the women to you. First off, you don’t want a wingman that smells like buffalo wild wings.  His breath alone is going to scare people away. Your wingman should give off a sense of confidence. He should be clean and presentable. Your wingman should seem trustworthy. A woman’s got to trust his opinion. After all your wingman is selling you.

Would you buy a new car from a dealer covered in hot sauce?

You also don’t want to have wing groups. I see a lot of guys out on a Friday and Saturday night, and they’ve got a wing group.  They’ve got nine or ten guys with them, and they’re all winging one another. Giving each other high fives, pumping their fists up in the air, pointing a woman out.

This approach doesn’t work. When guys travel in groups, trying to pull women for one there’s a feeling of immaturity and a lack of confidence. Why can’t these guys get their own dates? Do they always travel together? When you meet a woman you’re on your best behavior, pulling out your best stories, and trying to get to that second date.

A single wingman will take time to talk you up. The group is not worried about your second date. They’re worried about getting laid. They’re worried about getting drunk. They’re not worried about you. You came to me for a reason.  You’re here, not only develop your social skills, but to become a more positive, confident man in every step of your life.

In order to find a good wingman, your wingman should complements where you’re at in life. If you’re with a guy that is competitive with you, get rid of him. Do whatever you have to because they will ruin your chances every time. Here’s an example…

I was 21 years old. It was my summer vacation. And my friend, Mark Letterman, and I went to the beach. Mark Letterman was impossibly competitive. Whenever I’d see a girl look at me, I’d say man, she’s checking me out. He would say, “No, she’s checking us out.”

I said no, she’s checking me out, because when I tell you a girl is checking you out, I mean you and not me. So we go to the beach and there is this beautiful woman lying on a towel all by herself. I walked up, smiled, sat down and talked to her. We spoke for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Mark nodded his head a few times, said a few things. There was obviously a lot of chemistry between Maria Preevy and I.

I don’t remember a lot of names over the course of my lifetime, but I’ll never forget Maria Preevy’s. Finally, I said “Why don’t you give me your digits.”

It was the 80’s…give me a break. She gave me her phone number and I told her I called. And then… my wingman, Mark Letterman…who was always competing with me, you know what he did?

He looked at her and said “Why don’t you give me your autograph, too?”

I wanted to kill him. She didn’t know what the hell to do.  So she gave him her phone number. We drove back to West Chester in silence. I was pissed. He kept trying to talk to me about how cool she was and how we’re both going to go out with her. I thought I was dealing with the world’s biggest idiot I’ve ever met.

All I could think was I had met my dream girl, and now, because of my dumb friend, I had to make a decision – friendship or my dream girl.  I told Mark we’re going to do one of two things:

1. We both go out with Maria Preevy…


2. We’re both rip up her phone number,

There’s a law when it comes to wingmen:  One man dominates the conversation the other man sits there silently in solidarity and supports his friend.  He does not compete with him. So Mark and I ripped the number to shreds. I went back that night trying to put the pieces back together. Unfortunately, the wind blew and I was never able to go out with her.

I might have had three kids with her, little David, little Lisa, and little Amy. We might have been David and Maria Wygant …

I don’t talk to Mark Letterman that much anymore. I should have picked my dream girl.  Your wingman should never compete with you. Your wingman should do nothing but complement you. The perfect wingman is a guy that will actually complement you in every way, a guy that will support you if you make the first move.

A wingman is there for you. Watch today’s video on how to find the perfect wingman to pick up and meet great women all over the place.