change your mindsetToday I want to talk about mindset and decisions. Because here’s the amazing thing about human beings; we have the ability to make decisions. We can’t always decide the exact direction of our life, but we can decide how we react to and feel about what life offers us. Do you ever think to yourself, “I just can’t get in the flow today?”

When you feel like that, you’re making the wrong decisions about how you feel about your day. You make a determination whenever you wake up in the morning about what kind of day you’re going to have. You decide whether it’s going to be an amazing day, or whether it’s going to be a bad day. You get to decide every day how to handle things that cross you path.

Let’s say your boss has a go at you and bums you out, you lose an account you’ve been working on, or your dog shits on your new rug. You make a decision every moment of every day about how you’re going to react, and how it’s going to affect your flow. It’s exactly the same when you meet new women.

Do You Find It Hard To Pick Yourself Up When Things Go Wrong?

If you live in a small place, and don’t see many women you’re attracted to, you need to gear up and get into your flow right away so you don’t blow an opportunity when it comes up. You may only see a couple of women a week you’re attracted to so you have to make the most of it. How do you do that?

You make a decision.

You look at that person, you gear yourself up, and you think to yourself, “This woman is someone I could connect with. This is my opportunity to shine, an opportunity to be the amazing person I am, and an opportunity to give her the gift of me.”

You have to literally talk yourself up, and become your own coach. You have to become your own best friend and confidante.

Talk yourself up. Look at it as a chance to excel. Think about something that makes you feel good. I tell guys this all the time. It’s a great way to settle the nerves. When you see a woman for the first time, think of her as something delicious. Think of her as yummy, because when you think like that it brings a smile to you face. Think about something that makes you smile. It doesn’t matter whether you think of your grandmother’s baked bread, hanging with your kids, or playing with your dog.

That way when you walk over, you walk over with a smile. She’s going to see you as a confident, secure, peaceful energy, and she’s going to go with whatever flow you decide.

It’s all about making a decision. How you feel at the end of the day is your choice. Whether you go and talk to that woman or not is your choice. Whether you ask for that promotion at work is your decision. Imagine if you took advantage of every opportunity that came your way. Imagine if every single time you saw a woman you were attracted to, you went and spoke to her.

Eventually someone is going to want to connect with you. Eventually you’re going to get a phone number. Eventually you’re going to end up in a great relationship. That’s the way the odds work in life. Make them work in your favor. Go with the flow by creating your own flow. When you create your own flow, you’re in control. It’s your choice how you feel, and it’s your choice what you do. Never let someone else determine how you feel!

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