best places to meet womenYou want to know the best places to meet women?

Well, I’m sitting around with a friend of mine, who happens to be pretty sexy.

You see, my favorite places to meet women are places that I feel most comfortable because to me, that’s where the best conversation is going to happen.

See, most people want to go and they write down a list of places, like a bar.

Coffee shop.

The supermarket.

But to me, the best places to women are where you are an expert.  I call it home field advantage.

Pretend you’re a football team.

You’ve got 70,000 people cheering for you on your home field.

You know that feeling really well, you know all the holes.

You know the angels.

You know the corner of the end zone.

You know when the wind blows a certain direction, the way the ball is.

You know that field so well.

To me, that is always the best way to feel.  You’ve got your fans cheering for you.  Now, think about what it’s like going into an opponent’s court.

You don’t know the way the wind blows.

People are yelling things, you suck.

You can’t catch the ball.

They’re screaming and they’re yelling at you and you feel intimidated.

Well, that’s how I look at meeting women.  But I look at places where I’m actually feeling like I’min a great place.  This is where I feel most comfortable, places that I’m an expert at, things that I like to do because isn’t meeting somebody based on commonalities?

It’s not about standing in a bar and trying to figure out what to say, it’s going to the places where you go to every single day and where you actually can have a conversation, where you actually can converse.  Where you actually know what’s going on.  The places that you eat on a regular basis, or shop at on a regular basis.

But today, we’re going to talk about the best places to meet women.  No reason to hold off any more, check out what I am going to show you here.