I decided to have a quest for 2019.

My quest?

Glad you asked.

I want to masculate the feminized man.

I’m tired of the MeToo movements, I’m tired of the masculine woman.

Now, don’t get what I say wrong.

If a woman isn’t physically abused, emotionally abused, mentally abused, or any abuse from a man, Bill Cosby, or a Matt Lauer, or any of that stuff, I am strongly on the side of the woman, and I think a man who does that needs to be brought to justice.

But a woman doesn’t always need to air her shit in public and talk about it. To me, that’s a very private thing, a private thing that deserves one-on-one attention, one-on-one help to heal.

You’re not going to heal by pounding MeToo on social media. Not going to happen at all.

And what happens, is you give these feminine men another reason not to be masculine.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of time that I have e-mails from men, literally saying:

You know, I don’t know how to approach women anymore, because if I do approach a woman, it’s going to be a MeToo event.

And I’m going to get in trouble, and I’m going to lose my job, and I’m going to do this.

No, it’s just another excuse that men have come up with to be emasculated, because most women crave and desire a real man to walk over there and talk to them, instead of being approached on an Internet dating site or a dating app.

They’re not going to sit there and put a MeToo all over you, but the fact is these men have become so emasculated and so weak that they use this as another excuse not to be a man.

As I said, the MeToo movement is for women to go and get healed, the ones that have gone through the tortures of a Bill Cosby or a Matt Lauer.

But it’s amazing how many men will use it as an excuse to stay feminine.

So many men out there would rather swipe than talk to a girl, and a lot of them grew up this way.

I love Millennials, but a lot of them, I feel, are not masculine enough, because they’ve gotten lazy because they’ve not gone and approached women and talked to them and done the manly thing.

They don’t even know how to follow up on dates, they always wait for the women to follow up, because they’ve been coddled socially.

When you’re coddled socially, which our society has been, recently, you’re never going to do what you need to do, because you’ve been coddled socially.

I don’t believe in social coddling. As a matter of fact, there should be a term or a statement going pound social coddling.

Men need to step up and be men.

They need to express themselves as men. They need to go over and talk to women, they need to pursue women, they need a follow up on dates, they need to ask women out, they need to make women feel like women, and not look for so much validation and confirmation from mommy all the time.

That’s what’s wrong, and that’s why the feminization of our country has become so unbelievable.

When I want a woman, I will pursue her.

I don’t look for signs, validation, I don’t need her to be my mommy.

I’m a man, and it’s time that men step up to the plate, because if you take a look at men who have not stepped up to the plate, you have the feminization of the modern man.

It’s time we all stepped up to the plate.

I’m all for women being successful, I don’t want to throw you back into the kitchen and make you a housewife.

I want you women to be able to express your beauty, your femininity, who you are, what you’re all about. That’s important.

But it’s time for women to be more feminine, and men to be more masculine, because we’ve become gender-neutral, so you don’t know what a man is or what a woman is anymore.

I’m going to talk a lot about this, because this year I want to masculate men and get rid of the feminine man. Mark my words, their time has come.