I’m sitting here writing this in complete shock at some of the crap I’ve seen this weekend.

It’s unusual for me to get into subjects like fashion and image too often, but honestly, some of the things I’ve seen guys wearing out in the evening have made my head spin. So here are some fashion tips for men out on the town, or more accurately, some fashion no no’s for men!

1. DO NOT Wear “Mandles” Out at Night!

That’s right, you don’t ever need to show your hairy man toes when you go out at night. I don’t care what bad Don Johnson movie you watched from the 80s. You do not wear sandals at night with your man toes wiggling around.  There’s just something about it that looks REALLY wrong.

When I go to New York City I see guys walking around in flip-flops at night, and their feet are black from the city streets.  What woman is going to let you crawl into her bed, and lay on her clean sheets with your dirty man-feet?

It doesn’t turn them on guys. If you’re out in the evening stick to a pair of shoes! And that brings us nicely onto the next fashion no-no.

2.  Square Toe Shoes.

They went out of style with Herman Munster and the Munsters.  Yeah, I know you can find them at the mall in designer shoe warehouse for $49, and there’s a reason why they’re $49. It’s because they’re made somewhere in a bad factory in China for $4.50, and they’re the worst looking shoes in the world.  

If you don’t remember Herman Munster, Google him and check out his shoes. It just doesn’t work. They’re not sexy at all.

Next on the agenda…

 3. Suburban Man Clothes

Or suburban bad clothes.

You know who you are.  You still wear the t-shirt that your ex-wife bought you. It’s an extra-large even though you’re a medium.  She wanted you to grow into it one day. Or a shirt that’s worn half un-tucked so it looks like a blouse for a 350 pound woman.

It’s too long and it hangs all over the place.  

I don’t care what your body type is, I don’t care if you’re chubby, skinny, tall, whatever it might be.  Women want to see your body; they want to see what type of shape you have, so embrace it. Don’t go round looking like a suburban dad.

4.  Google T-Shirts and Other Branded “Gear”

This is one of the most biggest fashion no-no’s I see men in all the time. They’ll get a free t-shirt at some convention or event and they’ll actually wear it out at night.  Guys, women don’t want to see you in an “I Love Facebook” t-shirt, or an “Atari is Alive” sweat top. It tells a woman right away you don’t care about the way you look when you’re on a night out.

And it’s not about the money. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive shirt. You can get nice smart/casual clothes without spending a fortune, and still look like you have some pride in your appearance.

We’ll hit it up fashion-wise again another day, but I couldn’t stand it if any of you guys headed out on a date in a crappy t-shirt and “Mandles.”

At least if you follow these very basic fashion tips for men you’re not going to have women look at you and think of you as a reclamation project.  You want to meet more women, don’t be a reclamation project. Be a man who’s well put together. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.