He ‘s produced nearly 30 movies, he’s directed over 15 movies including “The Transformer Series,” “Pearl Harbour,” and “Bad Boys,” AND he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Tina Turner, Meatloaf, Bruce Willis, and Will Smith are a few of the people he’s directed.

George Lucas is one of his good friends. He’s successful, powerful, and has a ton of money. Yet, Michael Bay suffers from social anxiety now and then. In fact, this week his nerves and anxiety about speaking in front of an audience got so bad he actually walked off stage at The Consumer Electronics Show.

I’ll post the video below so you can see it for yourself, but basically what happened was, Bay was doing a presentation for Samsung when his Teleprompter went off. He was talking about his movies and how they look on screen

This is a subject he should know a fair bit about right?

I mean it’s his movies and his products. Even without a teleprompter a powerful, successful guy who shouts directions at people for a living should be able to think of something to say shouldn’t he?

But here’s the thing. Social anxiety and nerves can strike anyone. Now granted, in one to one situations he’s probably fine, BUT, some of you talk up celebrities like they’re perfect. Rich, confident men like Bay couldn’t possibly ever suffer socially. In some of your minds, he’d easily walk into a crowd of people and own the room. He’d have no problem attracting any woman he wanted, and he’d be a natural talking in front of a crowd.

Don’t believe everything you see on the screen guys. With a working teleprompter Michael Bay would have probably come across as extremely confident and strong. Without direction and support, he freaked out so bad he had to walk off stage!

Sure this is different to talking to a woman, but don’t put these celebrities on a pedestal. They’re not perfect. They make mistakes. And sometimes they feel inferior to the rest of us. Do not beat yourself for getting nervous when you talk to people. It happens to everyone, and with practice social anxiety can be overcome.

Stop assuming power and celebrity makes you a social expert. A ton of celebs would be nothing without a team of people behind them making them look and sound good. And in Michael Bay’s case, telling him exactly what to say!