are-you-in-the-friend-zone-david-wygantHow many articles are written on the Internet about the friend zone?

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Most articles written about the friend zone are negative. It’s seen as negative that a woman that you went out with decides that she wants to be friends with you. It’s looked at as being one of the most negative things out there, and it makes you as a man feel like you haven’t done something right.

But I love getting friend zoned. I actually embrace it. I think it’s powerful and I think it’s a sign of strength.

I enjoy getting to know woman as friends. I don’t have to think about sexually escalating. I don’t have to think about when to kiss.

Most guys are friendzoned because they’re dishonest when they date.

They’re so afraid about putting themselves out there. They’re so afraid about letting a woman see the real vulnerable person that they are. So they tend to act really strange.

They’re cautious about what to say. They play it safe. They don’t talk about who they really are and they don’t touch her.

(But what they don’t realize is that attraction builds when you talk about who you are as a man and when you say what you want.)

I like to get to know people real slow. I really do. That’s my style. It makes me feel comfortable.

Recently, I met a woman that I thought was cool, and she told me we’d be better friends because we want different things in life. (She wants to have a family and kids. I already have a child, and I don’t want another one.)

I honor her path, because it’s important to honor somebody’s path. Otherwise, you’re going to get into lots of trouble by taking somebody down a path that you never really should have gone down with them—I know this from experience.

So when I got friend zoned, I embrace it.

Being friend zoned is a beautiful thing, because now there is a special woman in your life that you can learn from, talk to, and go deep with—someone that has a different perspective from your dude friend, Billy, the Ravens fan that likes Belgian beers.

You never have enough good people in your life.

And having a few good women doesn’t hurt either.