With the NFL playoffs on today I felt that this would be a perfect story to share with you today.

I read this a few months ago and just reread it today.

Enjoy and before you read it one last thought.

Eagles and the steelers!
I want to tell you about the story of Brian Boyle.

Brian Boyle was a zombie. In 2004, a truck smashed into his jet black 1994 Chevy Camaro, a month after he graduated from high school. From the article: “the collision forced his heart to the right side of his chest, collapsed his lungs, and splintered his ribs, collarbone and pelvis.”

“He lost 60% of his blood and was given 36 blood transfusions. He lost over 100 lbs on his presumed deathbed and died eight times just on the operating table. Just over three years later he completed the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.”

What did he say about this? He “used all of the negative things that were thrown at [him] after the accident as ammunition for [his] arsenal. When [he] crossed the finish line, [he] wasn’t Brian the sick boy anymore. [He] wasn’t the skeleton in the wheelchair – [he] was Brian the Ironman.”

He woke up from a two-month coma, and then “embarked on three years of intensive rehab, which included relearning how to blink and walk. He had only six months to train specifically for the Ironman, but most of his preparation, he said, had taken place in the hospital.”

He says: “My mentality was similar whether I was undergoing endless physical therapy sessions after the coma or pushing my body to reach the finish line at Kona. If it was learning how to blink my eyelid again or pounding through one more mile during the run, it was about the small goals. Pain was now something that I could conquer.”

So what’s next for him?

He wants to go back and do another Ironman.

What’s next for you?

You have no physical handicaps. You have only mental handicaps. You are allowing a weak mind – and your fears and insecurities – to dominate your life. You’re not willing to communicate with people because you’re not willing to push yourself the extra distance.

Some of you can’t push yourself, and some of you just WON’T. You know who I’m talking about here!

But read this story of Brian Boyle. Brian Boyle died eight times. You just have trouble flirting with the opposite sex. Which do you think is more challenging? Whose life do you think is harder? Whose comeback is harder?

Push yourself to be the best that you can possibly be, and stop with the fear and excuses.

Your brain is powerful. Your mind is powerful. You really need to start looking at it as the powerful entity that it is. You can create anything you want.
. Read this again and learn about him, and then tell me if you don’t feel inspired to get out from behind the computer and start talking to people!