live without fearHow do you overcome fears in your life?

Do you remember the movie, “IT?”

It was about a group of kids who get terrorized by a killer clown who takes on the form of everything they fear. He then follows them into adulthood, because nobody has really dealt with the fears they carried around as children. Today I’m going to share with you a simple way to beat fear in your life, by embracing a new mindset.

It’s all about starting a new habit in the form of a mantra.

I get a lot of emails from you guys asking me about mantras. What should your mantra be when you wake up in the morning? What should your mantra be before you go out meeting women? What should your mantra be when you’re not feeling good? What should your mantra be when you want to give yourself an energy boost?

There are two driving emotions, which exist on this planet… love and fear.

Fear should never be a mantra, but for so many of you it seems like it’s your daily mantra. You’re fearful to ask your boss for a raise. You’re fearful to speak your mind at a group meeting. You’re fearful to state your needs, wants, and desires in a relationship. You’re fearful to go and approach a woman. Why? It’s all because you’re afraid of the outcome.

It’s the same when you go on a date with a woman. You’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing. You’re afraid she won’t like the place you take her. You’re afraid to go in for the kiss. Most people live in fear. When you live in fear, you’re not creating an abundant life. You’re creating a limited mindset, and that means a limited life. Human beings are designed to live limitless lives. Humans are designed to experience as many different things as possible in our lifetime. When you live an existence full of fear, you live a life empty of anything else.

I’ve always believed one thing, and that is anything is possible. Anything and everything is possible. Life without fear has no limits. Life is all about jumping off the bridge and going two feet first so you don’t hurt your head when you land. So what is MY mantra every day?

My mantra every day is… I am love!


Love has no boundaries. Love has no limits. Love has everything we need to survive as a society. Live is opening up your heart. Love is not giving a damn about the outcome. When you’re love and you give love, you get it back in so many ways. By being love, you’re able to connect deeply with people on all levels. When you start living by this mantra, and make it a reality every single day, your fears start melting away. You realize how beautiful it is to be love, and how beautiful it is to give love. You realize how beautiful it is to stay connected to the love of self.

It’s interesting, because in most of my programs I have an audio about self-love. It’s amazing how many people won’t listen to it. They want to get love, but they don’t understand that to get love you need to be love. Love is why we’re all on this planet. We’re here to give and receive love. Love erases fear. Love allows us to be present. And love allows us to be ourselves. It’s time you eliminated all the fears in your life, and it’s as simple as living by a new mantra. The mantra I suggest to you is…