dress-moodI know that when I’m not dressed right, it totally changes my mood. I can go from having an incredibly great, outgoing personality to literally feeling insecure and withdrawn.

Just by what I have on.

I can look good on the surface to so many people.

But I don’t feel it in the inside.

It’s funny, people will always say suits are powerful. I wear a suit and I feel so lost in my body that I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t fit me, I don’t feel powerful, I don’t feel charismatic, I don’t feel sexy, I don’t feel strong, I don’t feel confident at all.

But put me in a ripped T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts? I feel powerful, strong. I feel like the Hulk.

Now granted, I’m not going to walk around and wear a ripped T-shirt and shorts all the time, but no matter what I put on, no matter where I go, I have to feel good.

So, when I go into my closet and I put something on, I’ve got to feel great when I walk out that door, because I truly believe that life is a stage.

I’m like a romantic leading man in my life. I’m the power broker in my life. I am the star in my life. I’m the leading man in my own movie. So wherever I go, people are going to bow down and want to meet me, and I’m not saying that in an egotistical way, but when you walk in and make an entrance, people do want to see you, meet you, and be connected to you. Deals will be thrown your way, women will run your way. Everything happens, and I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. It works the exact same way.

You see, when you don’t feel good about the way you look, other people can sense it, and they can sense the weakness, and when there’s weakness, other people will take advantage of that weakness.

That, in turn, will not get you the dates you want, the money you’re looking to make, or really anything in your life, the friendships or anything. So dress to suit your mood. You should first look through your entire closet. Go through your closet, and do it with a friend or two friends, and literally ask them how you appear in those outfits.

I do a complete closet makeover too — an entire coaching call via Skype if you’d like to. And I literally go through everything. We try everything on and I tell you whether or not it makes you look powerful, sexy, strong, confident, or weak, insecure, and just not good.

This is one of my favorite ways of coaching people because it enables me to give them the power. Not only that, but most people also have too much stuff, anyway. I was dating somebody one time and she wore nothing but yoga pants all the time, but she had a closet full of all this stuff that she saved. And she moved from house to house and place to place and she never put it on because it wasn’t what she felt. She didn’t want to get rid of it because she paid for it, and she bought it.

And that’s a problem that a lot of people have. They buy something that the salesperson might’ve convinced them of or at that moment, they felt like they needed to have it.

So then all of a sudden, they’ve got it in their closet, and they’ve got a price tag attached to it that they spent $600 on it or $500 on these boots.

Or whatever it might be. So you keep it, yet you never wear it. Every time you put it on, it doesn’t feel like you at all. You don’t feel strong and confident and powerful. As a matter of fact, you feel weak, and the reason why is because it was a spur of the moment, spontaneous thing, spontaneous purchase that didn’t work out. We all have them, from cars to houses to everything. It’s just the way our brains are.

So grab a friend, or grab me over Skype, and let’s go through your entire wardrobe and let’s weed it down because we don’t need as much stuff as we have. There’s nothing in my closet that doesn’t make me feel sexy, powerful, strong, and amazing, and it’s great knowing that I can reach for so many different things, and every single one of them suits the image that I portray.

Your image will reflect your mood, and your mood will reflect how other people relate to you. So dress to suit your mood.