Are you dating somebody you really like, or are you dating someone because you’re afraid that you will never meet anybody better? Are you just compromising?

For those of you who missed my podcast about the “it” factor, I talked all about how important it is to find someone about whom you’re really excited. You want that “Tom cruise jumping on the couch” feeling about the person you’re dating.

Sure, we all made fun of it, but who wouldn’t want to jump up and down on their own couch? We’re probably not famous enough to jump on Oprah’s couch, but wouldn’t you like to be so excited by someone that it made you want to jump up and down like that?

Don’t you want to feel so excited about somebody that you’re just about to burst?
Dating should feel like that.

Are you dating someone about whom you’re excited, or are you dating someone just for the sake of dating? That means that you’re in this relationship because you want a relationship, but you’re still looking around for something better.

How many of you are spending time with somebody that you’re really not all that into, and with whom you just kind of pass the time, because you’re too afraid to go out and find somebody else?

That’s a big issue for a lot of people. So many guys will come to me and say, “David, I’m seeing somebody, but I’m just not really that excited about her.” I’ll ask these guys how long they’ve been dating this person, and they’ll say, “Two years.” What?!?

Two years is a long time to waste on somebody about whom you’re not excited. You want to be excited and crazy about somebody. You want to be able to look at somebody and feel like they are the greatest person in the entire world.

For those of you who are in relationships like this, know that you are just wasting your time. Why are you so afraid?

What are your biggest fears? Where is your mindset? Share with me today.

I’m always willing to share with you guys how I feel. Today I want to hear from you. I want to know why you have done this in your past.

I want you to be really excited about the person you’re dating and not just compromise so you can be in a relationship. Compromising in life means that you are not fully embracing your life.

If you’re not fully embracing your life right now, for what are you waiting? Tomorrow you might get hit by a bus. I know we always say that, but it’s true. I know for some of you that that doesn’t really resonate, because you don’t really live by any buses, but just think about it. You could get hit by lightning. Anything could happen.

A friend of mine lost his life when he was 25 years old because he was riding a bike in Italy, and he didn’t realize that the road turned. He was going too fast and he went over the side of a mountain. I could just not believe it when I heard what had happened to him.

You just never know when this journey is going to end. So why are you compromising so much in every aspect of your life?

How many of you are happy at your job? How many of you are compromising about your career?

How many of you are in relationships where you are compromising, and why are you doing it?

Why are you making compromises instead of just going for it in your life?