You don’t need to lie, ever.

If you’re in a clothing store and you see a woman in the women’s department, you might be thinking, how can I go over and talk to her? Maybe I’ll just say I’m looking for a gift for my sister.

Well, what happens if you end up dating her? She’s going to wonder where your sister disappeared to, right?

So don’t lie and don’t make stories up. Liars in life always have to remember their stories. People who tell the truth don’t have to remember anything.

If you always tell the truth and speak from your heart, you’ll never forget anything. You’re speaking with passion, and you’ll never have to think about something that you’ve previously said.

You won’t ever get caught in a lie, and you won’t have to backtrack.

Let’s say you’re dating someone and they have an interest in outdoor markets. When you first met, you told her that you also loved this certain market, and now that you’re dating, she suggests that you go there – but you’ve never been there before in your life. Now you have to backtrack.

It’s the little things like that that will get you into trouble. Never lie!

Sure, you can create something to help you out. To approach that woman in the women’s department looking at clothes, you might say, “hey, I’m looking for something for a friend of mine from work.” That’s just a white lie!

Client 1: If you have a sister, you’re golden! If you have a cousin, you’re good to go.

Client 2: And everybody’s got a female friend.

David: Yes, everyone has a female friend. It doesn’t matter how you do it, if you need something for an opener, it’s okay to use a white lie to help yourself out.

But you don’t want to create fictitious family members!

Creating fictitious family members was something I learned to do a long time ago. I used to cut class in high school, and I would have girls to write notes for me. The notes would say, “please excuse David from school today, he has a doctor’s appointment.”

Well, eventually you run out of excuses for doctor’s appointments. So then we moved on to funerals. According to these notes, my grandfather died 72 times in high school! He actually died when I was in grammar school, and once dead, you can have them die over and over again.

But never ever lie about anything. If you’re going to cancel a date, don’t lie to do it. Don’t say, “my mom really needs me, she got sick.” You might decide you actually like that person and then some day she’ll want to meet your mother, who actually passed away ten years ago.

People do shit like that. They make up stories to get out of things. Don’t make up stories, don’t lie, and just remember that you will always get caught!

You will always be caught in your lie.