Here’s another reason why you need to journal. You need to journal so that you learn not to edit your thoughts.

When you speak, you speak from your heart. You can articulate your words without any judgment.

This is one reason I love Copytalk. You call them up, speak into your phone — talking to the air really — and speak your thoughts. This allows you to learn how to journal without editing your thoughts.

When you write, you’ll tend to re-read sentences. You’ll take something out because you’ll start thinking about what you wrote. You start editing your own thoughts.

What we are all really trying to do is to become better men and women. So we need to really try to stop editing ourselves and our thoughts.

We spend so much time editing ourselves every single day. When we see someone to whom we’re attracted, we know we want to go over and talk to them.
What we do, though, is talk to them based on edited conversation we’ve had in our heads before we ever spoke to them.

So being able to really just say what you feel, and to articulate it, is amazing. If you journaled using Copytalk and did this, then when you got the transcription back, you could read your thoughts out loud to yourself (which is very powerful) and add more thoughts to them.

When you start to read your thoughts, you’re going to realize that all the things you say are really beautiful. Yes, they are also vulnerable and they might scare you a little bit at times, but they’re amazing.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever they are, they are your thoughts. In order to be able to go out and meet people you will love, you need to be able to articulate your thoughts this way.

When you read back the dictation that you get from Copytalk, you need to read it back with no judgment. You need to look at what you said as being where you were in your life and in your mind just on that particular day. Think to yourself, “Wow, that was me on April 2nd. That’s cool that I felt that way.”

You will then start to own your thoughts and your feelings, and realize that you are an amazing person. You will realize that you are a gift to the world.

Not only that, but if you would send all of your transcriptions to friends and family members, I guarantee that they would get to know you in a whole different light. They would look at you and say, “Man, I can’t believe it. You’ve never expressed that to me. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Part of what I do whenever I coach a client, is to make them get a three month subscription to Copytalk. Then I make them send me all of their raw thoughts. Of course, I then get on Copytalk myself and send my raw thought reactions right back to them. All of this helps them to get raw with themselves.

The beauty of life is being able to say freely what you feel and what you desire without judgment. It’s funny how people are always looking for validation from other people.

Really you should never be looking for validation from others. When you seek validation from others it is based on your own insecurity.

Life is a mirror. We get exactly who we really are — the true person we are 24/7 and not the edited version of ourselves.

So get raw with yourself. Enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid of anything you have to say, because everything you say is beautiful — a beautiful thought or a beautiful emotion.

If any of you are ready to really get raw, get yourself a Copytalk membership and start exploring yourself. Start realizing that all of the things you say and do are there for you and everyone else to enjoy. And if you do get copytalk tell them that i referred you.