Legal drug dealers are all over the place.

Look around and everywhere you see is a legal drug dealer.

Hungry for lunch?

Go grab some Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell or McDonalds.

Legal drug dealers.

Food that’s full of sugar and saturated fats.

Food that makes your body addicted to the poor food it’s putting in.

You don’t think those are legal drugs?

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Think about what’s it’s doing to you.

Every single time you eat this food, you’re basically heading to one of the pharmaceutical drugs in the future

One drug feeds the next drug. McDonalds clearly will feed all the drugs in the future. Kentucky Fried Chicken will clearly feed drug addiction in the future. High cholesterol, heart disease, and everything else.

Go to Starbucks, get that over priced cup of coffee, and what you’re doing is addicting yourself to caffeine. Granted, a majority of people are, but what the majority of people don’t realize is that Starbucks doesn’t have organic coffee, which in turn is basically like putting poison in your body, pesticides and all sorts of other anti anti-oxidants, things that are literally going to make you feel terrible one day.

Everywhere you turn, all the food, the cereal aisle is full of sugar.

Full of foods that you really can’t pronounce or can’t eat. It’s been said that when a food has a very long, drawn word, it means it’s something you shouldn’t put in your body.

Diet sodas. Do you know what your body does with diet sodas and all the chemicals that are in diet soda? Anything that’s a chemical, your body turns it to fat because it has no idea what else to do with it. You’re not peeing it out. You’re not flushing it out at all. You’re basically turning it into fat.

Go ahead. Keep having the McDonalds lunch. Keep eating the Taco Bell. Keep eating Kentucky Fried Cats.

Keep abusing your body.

The more you do it, the sicker you’re going to become.

The sicker you become, the more unhealthy you’re going to become in the future.