I finally know what a stalker is, because I did it the other night.  And, I think I scared the shit out of the woman that was walking in front of me. But I didn’t do this on purpose by any means.

I was watching the football game the other night with some friends.  We got some food afterward and it got late.  My friend Jason ended up dropping us off at the corner of a busy intersection.  I got out of the car and stood on the street corner waiting to cross.

The light changed and I began to cross, with this woman walking ahead of me. She had on tiny little, itty-bitty shorts, hiked up as far as they possibly can go.  It almost looked like she was wearing dental floss—got to love South Beach—and a tank top on.

I was walking slowly and enjoying the night, a good distance behind her.  She went down the block and made a left turn. Then I made a left turn.  She looked back once with a look of panic and fear in her eyes.  I could have passed her to help alleviate the fear, but there was no need because I was walking slowly. I realized how trained her brain is trained to think that if she’s walking alone at night and a man is following her—the guy is a stalker.

It was interesting, because I actually got into the mind of a woman at that moment and I realized that it’s a scary thing.  There’s a man walking behind her.  She has no idea what this man is going to do.  And it’s sad that we live in a world like that, where women will actually have to feel that fear.

The reason why this happens is because so many men stare at women and don’t say anything.  They stare at them at a bar and don’t say a word and creep them out.  They walk down the street and actually do follow them, trying to figure out what to say, and they don’t say anything at all.  They stare at women at the gym and don’t say a word.

So the reason why this woman was all spooked was because of what all the guys do to her over and over and over again.  And I got really deep inside her head, and I thought to myself, “I’d be spooked too, if men would follow me around like that most of the time and not say anything.

She finally stopped to answer her cell phone and I walked by her.  I walked by her, walked to the building, and walked in.  I turned around and I noticed her see me walk in the building and there was a look of relief on her face.  I actually was not following her.

So you guys have to realize that when you’re staring at a women, maybe following her down the street, whatever it might be, if you don’t say anything in a reasonable amount of time—you may freak her out.

You really should spend some more time approaching and learning how to approach women. Just take advantage of real opportunities instead of being so consumed with women on the street or a bar, or wherever it might be.  This is a great lesson and I want all of you think about that.  I want you all to realize that you have the power to stop this.